Top Tips For Finding a Job When You Need One

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You might be out of work and looking for a job, or currently have a job but want a different or better position. In either scenario, you’ll want to follow some tips to make the job-hunting process easier so you can land the job you want faster.

In this article, we’ll cover some handy tips to streamline the process so you can start earning sooner. 

A Jobactive Provider Can Help

A Jobactive provider in Australia is a government initiative designed to help the unemployed find jobs, with the right assistance and training. To be eligible for help from a Jobactive provider you’ll need to be a recipient of Centrelink’s JobSeeker payment.

Even if you’re not a Centrelink recipient, you may still be eligible for some form of assistance from your local Jobactive provider.

A Jobactive service provider is there to help you every step of the way to get you job-ready. This may include undertaking a training course to develop your skillset and increase your employment chances. You’ll also be able to use their equipment to prepare resumes, and your Jobactive team members will line up job interviews for you. 

Check Job Websites Online Regularly

These days you can access all the available jobs in Australia from the comfort of home online, 24 hours a day. Job listings are updated all the time, with some employers even posting new opportunities at midnight.

If you’re determined to find a job or to see if you can land yourself a better position, it’s worth spending some time, several times a day, perusing the latest job listings. You just never know when the right job for you is going to appear and if you get in really early, the job could very well end up being yours.

Do a search online for Australian job websites and a handy list will come up on the first page. Be sure to bookmark your favourite sites for quick and easy access.

Use Your Networks To Your Advantage In Your Job Hunt

In the days before the internet existed our only true networks were the people we associated with in real life and, to a lesser extent, the people they knew. These days we all have loads of online ‘friends’, with networks on probably a number of different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, to name a few.

Putting the word out to your online circle of connections can be a really fast way to spread the message that you’re looking for work or a change of career. Your connections can also share your posts with their connections and there’s the chance your job hunting announcement will go viral.

Don’t neglect to spread the word among your offline circle of friends and family as well, as we never know who might be in touch with the right person to land us a job.

Like so many things in life, it can be who you know and not what you know that gets the deal done in the end. 

Customize Your Resume To The Job You’re Applying For

Your resume doesn’t need to be a carbon copy every single time you send it out to an employer. You wouldn’t write the exact same cover letter for every single position, so your resume should also be tailored to suit the job role.

One example might be to rearrange the order of your previous positions, so the most relevant work history should be at the top of the list. Some employers may care about your goals and mission statements while others may not.

It’s a matter of determining what would best suit the employer and the job role you’re applying for. It’s worth taking the time to create customized resumes for a variety of different roles. 

Research the Company Before the Interview

If you get an interview, be sure to research the company before showing up. This way you’ll not only feel more confident, but you’re more likely to impress the interviewer if you can exhibit some knowledge about their specific business.

 In Conclusion

There are many ways you can improve your chances of getting a job. This article has touched on some key pointers to speed up the process, now getting that job is up to you.