What are disposable e-mail contacts?

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What are disposable e-mail contacts? Email is an essential attribute of any active network user. It is used to register on social networks, applications, services, as well as on all kinds of online platforms. However, the era when users willingly provided their personal information is over. Modern users carefully protect their privacy on the Internet and are increasingly asking, what is a disposable email address (DEA). Demand generates supply, and now there are many services that allow people to keep order in their mailboxes and get rid of lots of unnecessary letters. 

In addition, DEA allows Internet users to remain anonymous if necessary, or create dozens of accounts that developers of applications or services often need to test a new product. Now that you know what one-time mail is, we suggest you learn about how DEA is harmful to business owners and how to identify these addresses. Users who want to understand how do I create a disposable email will also receive an answer to their question, but first things first.

How one time use e-mail addresses damage your business

Disposable e-mail boxes have many advantages, as you have already noticed, but this is only from the side of Internet users. As for entrepreneurs, such mailboxes pose a threat to both trade and reputation.

Not a single company can do without mailing now. It’s a modern way to stay in touch with existing clients and attract new ones. But what happens when a potential customer creates a temporary email address gmail? That’s right, all mailings that the company sends out remain unread at best. At worst, too many emails are rejected, and this leads to the fact that you, as the author of the mailing list, are marked as a spammer.

Besides, DEA gives users the opportunity to abuse your promotions and special offers. Thus, a potential client will never become a regular one, since he does not need your paid services.

Your analytics also suffers. After all, any calculations take into account existing email addresses, and DEAs, as a rule, live from several days to several minutes and are not taken into account by algorithms.

How to identify a disposable e-mail address

It is imperative for business owners to define a one time use email address to protect their statistics and reputation. The first thing to do is prohibit registration on your site from the established domains of disposable email addresses. However, the services providing DEA have learned to bypass such prohibitions. So it will not be superfluous to conduct a periodic audit of your customer base. This requires a lot of time from you, but it can be simplified by using an email checker that accurately detects disposable email addresses and allows you to clean up your customer base effortlessly. 

How to create a disposable e-mail address and begin using it

If a network user wants to create just one additional mailbox and thus separate work letters and personal ones, it is enough just to create a second account. However, there are cases when a large number of DEAs are required, and in this case, you cannot do without third-party services.

Most often, users are interested in the question: Does Gmail have disposable email addresses? For fans of Google, we have two pieces of news. First, you won’t be able to create a DEA on Gmail. Second, google mail gives you the ability to set up email addresses and find out which company issued your email and caused you to receive a lot of spam.

The algorithm is simple: when subscribing to a newsletter, you need to specify an email address and add several third-party characters to it. For example, instead of “” enter “”. Now, when you go to the “spam” section, you can see who the letter was addressed to and who sent it. If you see that the second address (“”) is specified as the recipient, you can be sure that the company that created this mailing list is not sufficiently secure to protect its customer base. 

To create a temporary mailbox, you do not have to do it yourself. The modern market has lots of companies that provide such services both for a fee and free of charge.


Disposable email addresses are controversial. On the one hand, they allow network users to free their mailboxes from a lot of unnecessary mailings and protect their personal data. On the other hand, the use of DEA harms business. The statistics are calculated incorrectly by the programs, potential customers abuse free offers, and the company itself may subsequently become a spammer.

To avoid this, we suggest entrepreneurs use the services of a disposable email verification, which will make sure that your client base is promptly cleared of empty email addresses and your business flourishes.