Who is the Accountant and What he does: Duties, Skills, Responsibilities

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The accountant, or Tax agents Parramatta, is the professional figure who offers consultancy services to individuals and companies in commercial, economic, financial, tax, and accounting matters.

What does a tax agent do specifically?

The most common job of the accountant is the management of the accounts of the client (a company, a professional, or a private individual). It is therefore responsible for verifying that its fiscal and fiscal situation complies with the regulations in force, for example by checking the amount of taxes due and preparing the documents necessary to fulfill all the duties established by law. The accountant draws up the client’s financial statements, manages tax and social security operations, and relations with the Revenue Agency. It also prepares the annual tax return on behalf of companies and individuals and submits it to the financial administration (the Tax Authority).

Thanks to his skills, the accountant is able to identify the most suitable fiscal and tax solutions for the specific situation of the client, in particular trying to reduce the tax levy to protect his assets.

Among the other duties of the accountant is the evaluation and audit of the financial statements of companies and entities, tasks similar to those of an auditor. An accountant also carries out liquidations of companies, assets, and individual assets, as bankruptcy trustee: he takes stock of the bankruptcy assets, liquidates the assets, satisfies the creditors, and prepares the allotment plans.

Finally, an accountant can also take care of carrying out representative functions before the tax jurisdiction bodies, defending the work and interests of the client.

Where does the accountant work?

Many accountants work as freelancers, in their own firm or in an associated firm, but I can also carry out their activities as employees of private companies and companies or as employees of the Public Administration.

The typical place of work is the office, where the chartered accountant carries out his activities and receives clients. In some cases he can go to the customer himself, making day trips. The work mostly follows traditional office hours, and tends to increase in volume near tax deadlines: in these cases, it may be necessary to work overtime.

Duties of the Accountant

The main duties of the accountant are:

  • Provide tax and tax advice
  • Keeping customer accounts
  • Ensure that customers comply with legal obligations (from a tax and fiscal point of view)
  • Fill in and submit the tax return for your clients
  • Evaluate and review financial statements
  • Liquidate assets as bankruptcy trustee
  • Representing clients before the tax authorities

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Skills of an accountant

The technical knowledge and personal requirements that occur in job offers for accountant are:

  • In-depth knowledge of tax and fiscal legislation
  • Expertise in accounting and budget analysis
  • Mastery of statutory auditing techniques
  • Knowledge of the procedures for recording accounting documents
  • Knowledge of corporate and bankruptcy law
  • Analytical and mathematical skills
  • Great seriousness and reliability
  • Attention to details

Furthermore, an accountant must follow the code of ethics of accountants, which contains the principles and duties that characterize the work of this professional.