The Exponential Growth of Music Artists and Listeners on Spotify

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Have you just become an artist on Spotify? Spotify stands today as one of the top music streaming platforms in the world with thousands of monthly listeners from all over the world. The wide variety of songs available on Spotify makes the app stand out. Since so many users have Spotify on their devices, musicians and other artists aim at releasing their music on Spotify to kick start their careers and put out their music for the rest of the world to listen.

When it comes to being an artist on Spotify, there are certain issues that the artist may face. One may be the slow process of getting listeners and plays on your songs. Sometimes despite sharing your music to the best extent possible, an artist may not get as many plays and followers on their account as desired. Now you must be confused with what Spotify followers are. When you look at an artist profile on Spotify, you have the option to follow the artist to always receive notifications about the artist whenever something new is released. This really helps the artists get more engagement on their accounts which in turn helps in their growth.

As the times have changed, so have the ways of getting more followers and listeners for your music. Through websites, you now have the option to buy Spotify followers listeners for your Spotify profile and they will reach your account without any problems.

How can you get more followers on your Spotify account?

  • One of the few things that can help an artist get more followers or listeners on their Spotify account is to have music that is original and different. Besides the usual high-quality audio and album art make sure that you put out music that not only sounds different but is music that defines you. When listeners listen to something new, they tend to follow the artist because of their unique sound.
  • Once you’ve released music, what matters is how you promote your song. This includes sharing your music as much as possible to get more plays on your song. When you share your music on social media, make sure you request your friends or followers to save your track. Saves on your song can help your profile engagement which leads to a growth in your profile. Some of the ways which can help more are asking your followers and friends to pre-save your track before you release the song. Getting your music featured on Spotify editorial playlists and music blogs can really help. Now you may not get featured in some instances but keep working towards it. Once you’re mentioned in these playlists or blogs, your reach goes up by a much higher level than just sharing your song on social media platforms. 
  • Through safe websites like, you now have the option to save time and buy Spotify followers, plays and listeners for your artist account which can lead to your songs getting more plays. Via a simple online transaction, you can get your desired amount of plays or followers on your account instantly.

Looking at the above factors, it shows that being an artist on Spotify can be a tough process but can be made easier through simple steps such as the above pointers.