The Best 8 Outdoor Advertising Signs In 2019

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Outdoor advertising is a great way to promote any existing or new business. Leveraging outdoor advertising to its maximum potential in the marketing campaigns can help businesses to reach the right prospective customers at the right time. Being a new business, outdoor advertising can be incredible in building brand awareness and reputation by amplifying exposure to consumers. 

Although, there are several outdoor advertising techniques such as billboard advertising, transit advertising, POS displays, mobile displays, and of course, the brand signage (which works well to promote brand identity) that can be incorporated in the marketing strategy to produce excellent results for the business. But outstanding channel letters with a unique touch of creativity and design can be a cost-effective and impactful way to draw the attention and recognition of potential customers. 

Brand signage such as channel letters and neon signs are incredibly eye-catching, thanks to their flawless finish and appealing designs, which warrants viewers’ attention and thus brings the brand to prominence. Keeping in mind the excellent impact advertising signage can produce, Marketers have left no chance to employ them for the most significant advantage. Read about

Why is Outdoor Advertising Signage Effective?

Outdoor Advertising, whether it is modern or traditional, has a long history of influencing the minds and behavior of buyers. Although the ways of outdoor advertisement have evolved, the approach and effectiveness in generating leads for the business are still intact. This is why outdoor advertising has been found driving the major purchase decisions among consumers. According to the Research conducted by Arbitron in 2009, 71% of the significant purchasing decision taken by in-car commuters is backed by outdoor advertising. The study shows the prime reason for the effectiveness of outdoor advertising signage is the uniqueness, fascinating design, and ability to engross the consumer’s attention with a witty message. 

Another study shows that people are most likely to buy a product or service if they have seen an advertisement for it, which develops a sense of trust for the brand. Most of the consumers who looked at the ads found some benefits and usage, which provokes them to make the purchase. Hence, it can be a great way to generate more sales and develop brand recognition.

Some of the Best Outdoor Advertising Sign Campaigns in 2019 are:

1. McDonald’s Weather Update Billboard

McDonald’s brings creativity into play to fascinate and surprise viewers by its popular digital billboard campaign in the UK. The burger giant created an outdoor advertising campaign featuring five days of live weather and temperature forecast. To promote the brand, the campaign turned weather symbols into menu items; thus, bring massive reach and attention of the consumers. The menu items displayed fried as rain, a burger as the sun, ketchup as temperature, and other things. The campaign was extremely successful and became the talk of the town overnight. 

2. British Airways HashTag Lookup Campaign

British Airways took the challenge of promoting the brand most creatively and brilliantly with its #LookUp campaign. The campaign blended out of the box creativity and mix of technology to encourage and magnet potential customers. It employed a digital billboard to showcase a boy pointing toward the plan, each time it flew over it. The advert also incorporated additional details such as flight model and origin within the campaign. So, it can be assumed how creatively marketers are exploring new avenues to bring the brand into focus.

3. Oreo Eclipse

The Oreo Eclipse is one of the most promising outdoor advertising campaigns in 2019. In this advert, marketers strategize perfectly to use horrible weather in England as part of their digital billboard campaign. The campaign featured the Oreo turned into a massive solar eclipse. It is one of the remarkable campaigns which took clever imagination and creativity to a whole new level. The ad campaign garnered the attention of both national and international media and had been featured in more than 20 publications.

4. The Economist Spread Idea Campaign

The economist’s “Spread Idea” campaign was developed to put forward the iconic newspaper’s goal of enlightening readers for more significant progress. The campaign featured a big red billboard with the bulb on it. Whenever a person walks underneath it, the bulb glows, representing the newspaper mission with a minimalistic approach. This example shows how a simple idea is enough to put forward the advertising messages and generate the viewer’s interest.

5. Coca-Cola Billboard

This is one of the most astonishing billboard adverts ever done. The campaign was organized in Toronto, where the billboard was placed on the side of an apartment building; it depicted a half-full coke bottle placed on the advertisement with straws coming out of the windows suggesting that the soft-drink bottle is shared. The advert included the tagline –“refresh on the Coca Cola side of life.” It is a clear example of how outdoor advertising signs can be simple, smart, and useful.

6. Lyft’s “Ride to Vote”

The outdoor advertising campaign saw the light when 15 million voters lost the opportunity to vote in 2016 due to transportation problems. Lyft backed the issue with a touch of creativity and sarcasm with its “Don’t leave em hanging” poster campaign. It consists of thousands of sticky ballots hanging on the walls representing the numbers of the vote, which goes uncounted. 

The sole purpose of the campaign is to promote the ride services offered by the brand. By campaigning, the ride service provider provided free and discounted rides on Election Day to solve the transportation issue and bring the brand to the prominence.

7. IBM “People for Smart Cities”

IBM – the major technology giant come out with its “People for smart cities” innovative campaign, which transformed the outlook of OOH advertisement. To make the campaign fit the theme, marketers devised smart ideas that go beyond the traditional poster ads. It helps people overcome everyday problems by exchanging and sharing ideas for the smart city. 

The campaign is so exciting that people could feel it, rather than just grabbing the message. It saw stairs turned into a ramp, sitting spot, and a rain shelter, which made the idea of a smart city come to life.

8. Carlsberg “Probably the Best Poster in the World”

In an attempt to create bustle among consumers, Carlsberg offered a free Carlsberg right from its advertising poster. The campaign brings into play a massive glass poster with the tagline “Probably the Best Poster in the World” with a clean and minimal design. The advertising turned into a sensation and was covered by a multitude of online magazines and publishing houses.

In a nutshell

Annoying advertising no more interest people and fall flat with little or no result. What marketers should focus on is the combination of right advertising, placement, and creative ideas blended with flawless execution. Moreover, capitalizing on the problems faced by the consumer in everyday life and creating adverts with the element of fun and humor is the sure-shot way for businesses to succeed.