What Are The Most Profitable Fundraisers?

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Do you have a specific cause you want to raise money for? Alternatively, perhaps you’re simply researching ways to raise money to support your local school or church? Regardless of your goals, there are different fundraisers you can organize that includes a shoe drive, amongst others. 

Different Types of Fundraisers 

When it comes to fundraisers, you can basically use any idea that you come up with. There’s really no limit. Of course, though, there are some common ideas that have been tested over and again, including the following: 

  • Auctions and Galas 
  • Competitions
  • Any-a-thon
  • Shoe Drive 
  • Yard sale 
  • Shows 

Auctions and Galas

These events can be organized separately or together. Essentially, you can organize an auction with a black-tie gala theme. This can be very successful because not everyone will want to participate in an auction. However, most people enjoy having a reason to dress up. You can also build up the gala to include raffles, a casino, and other games from which all the proceeds go to your cause.

Clearly, there’s a lot of logistics and planning involved with both auctions and galas. Although, the theme can also be a way to promote your cause. For example, you could ask your local artists to create special pieces depicting scenes in Africa where you’re giving money to children. This also gives artists a bit of free promotion for themselves. 


People love tournaments and your area might include some avid tennis players or golf enthusiasts. Moreover, people appreciate it when things are organized for them especially if it means they can show off their skills. Overall, it’s a great reason to get together and people are usually more than willing to contribute with an entry fee. 


Taking the marathon theme to apply to anything has proven to be very successful. Any activity can be pretty much used for this and again, people pay a small fee to enter. Ideas such as dancing, walking, jumping, cycling, swimming, and many others can be huge fun. 

Shoe Drive

Organizing a shoe drive is both easy and fun. You collaborate with your friends to help people donate their old shoes to support micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries. There’s the added bonus that you’re saving those shoes from adding to the piles of waste in landfills. Generally, you can expect to make quite a bit of money. This is especially true when you consider that some companies, such as Angel Bins, exchange $1 for every pound of shoes. 

Yard Sales 

The idea behind these events is also to help people declutter. It’s amazing though how one person’s trash can make someone else so happy. Why not leverage this and get some money in return for your cause? You can also include drinks and snacks for a small fee that also goes into your charity pot. 


Fashion shows or art shows are just two examples of how you can also bring people together to give you their money. You’re providing some entertainment and people are usually happy to give something in return. It’s also a great community event that helps people share their skills. You’re therefore also supporting your community which again, helps people part with their hard-earned cash. 

How can a Shoe Drive be Profitable? 

  • Shoes in exchange for money
  • Supporting event activities 

It’s worth expanding a little bit more on the concept of a shoe drive. Naturally, you’re donating shoes to help people in developing countries. However, as mentioned, some companies exchange your shoes for money. They also carry out the logistics to make sure those shoes get to where they need to so that you don’t have to spend any money. 

In terms of actual cash though, can you believe that you could make a profit of over $10,000 for 40 thousand pounds of shoes? It has been done by some boy scouts so it could be you next. Moreover, those numbers don’t have to sound scary when you consider they worked with their school of 1500 students. For instance, an average pair of shoes weighs 2 pounds and if everyone in their school donated 13 pairs on average then you would get 40,000 pounds of shoes. Furthermore, a family of 4 can easily donate 4 pairs each which is 16 straight away. 

Finally, there’s nothing stopping you from combining some of these ideas. Imagine a shoe drive event organized around a show? Perhaps you could develop a short play that explains how micro-entrepreneurs use the donated shoes? This can be a great way to raise awareness. 

Final Thoughts on Profitable Fundraisers 

Whatever idea you decide on, it’s important to balance your resources so that you don’t take on too much. There’s nothing worse than a half-made event that fails because it wasn’t planned properly. Make sure you know your skills and who would be the best people to help you. Although, you should choose people you know who actually follow through and commit to what they promise. Having said that, generally, people are keen to help organize a fundraiser. It’s a fun project especially if you enjoy being around people.