Eric Dalius Shares Tips on How to Run Your Business All by Yourself

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Did you know that there are over 20 million single-person companies, small businesses mainly, in the United States? This information has been furnished by the US Census data, of late. When you manage your business alone, it has some benefits. You are your boss and so can manage your schedule according to your convenience.

Then, working all alone and managing the various aspects of a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Just because you have the technical knowledge, it does not mean that you will become a dynamic entrepreneur to manage a business alone without any assistance.

Running your business solo requires discipline, willpower, and courage, especially in this age of stiff competition. When we say courage, it means the nerve to take risks and businesses are not immune to risks and challenges. Then, fret not. If you think that you have the entrepreneurial spirit and the fire in your belly to get things done, here are some tips to help you run your business alone.

Eric Dalius recommends focusing on what matters the most

When it comes to business, time is money, and therefore, you need to prioritize the things that matter the most. If you are running the show alone, you cannot afford to stay busy with administrative tasks and spending little time on marketing your business and products. So you see that running a solo business is not as simple as it seems. Your goal is to promote your products or services, generate leads, and convert them into sales. At the end of the day, your bottom line matters if you want to survive in this age of global competition.

Most of the sole proprietorship businesses face the challenge of finding the resources and time to create business opportunities, based on the findings of a survey done by VISA USA as well as SCORE, which is a nonprofit establishment counseling entrepreneurs. When you manage your business alone, you will need to bring business to stay afloat.

Know your customers to promote your business

When you have a business to manage on your own from scratch, marketing is imperative. Then, before you start your promotional campaigns, you need to figure out who your customers are. That is because you cannot afford to waste time and money on marketing campaigns for the wrong audience. It means you need to have some understanding of digital marketing and tactics to make your campaigns successful. It is one of the greatest challenges of running a sole proprietorship business.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs think that they know their customers. Then, what you need to do is interview some prospective buyers, test your potential customers in the initial stages of your business. That is because you need to build a healthy business relationship with your customers.

One of the ways is trying joint venture marketing. You might be wondering what it is all about. For instance, if you have a café in a shopping center and a big food store owned by someone else. You can collaborate and support each other’s marketing objectives and business vision.

Eric Dalius also believes that having an online presence for your business is one of the best ways to promote your startup. Again, social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is effective for marketing strategies for sole proprietorship businesses. You also need to stay updated with the latest SEO strategies to make your website rank higher in Google’s search results.

Listen to advisors

You are running the show alone. Then, it does mean that you will not listen to advisors who have more knowledge of business and marketing. To be candid, you cannot survive if you do not have business advisors to help you with your entrepreneurial endeavors. You need not hire a business analyst in the initial stages of your business. As far as business advice is concerned, you can take help from your family members or friends who have a business to manage and knowledgeable about business ideas and product marketing.

You can work with a diverse group of peers, coworkersas well as, advisors to brainstorm business ideas. You need to focus on your requirements and the areas you are good at, as far as your business knowledge is concerned. Take advice from people who have more knowledge and experience in the industry. People will feel flattered when you ask them for their advice and mentorship. Do not hesitate to ask for advice.

You can request this advisory group to have a meeting in person or discuss business matters through a phone call. You can meet every 4-6 weeks for not more than an hour. You can discuss the challenges you are facing, the ways to resolve the issues, and most essentially, what feedback you are receiving from your customers. You need to consider all feedback and improve your business strategies accordingly. At the end of the day, customers matter and you cannot annoy them.

You might be wondering how to get advisors. Well, if you have friends and coworkers to help you, there is nothing like it. Else, make the most out of social media. You can interact with business advisors on platforms like Twitter. You must have a neutral view of your business and products to help you gain useful insights.

You need to show some discipline

You cannot run a sole proprietorship business if you are easily distracted and lack discipline. You need to do manage several things in a limited time and it calls for discipline and patience. Make sure you do specific jobs on specific days. For example, you can keep a day for making sales calls and brainstorming marketing ideas for your business. The next day, you can allot for business development and planning. Another day, you can keep it for addressing customer concerns. It means you need to do things at a time and not do all of them on a single day.


Now that you have these tips handy, you have some ideas to run your business alone. Things are not easy and you need to have discipline and exercise patience to generate business opportunities, improve products, and ensure customer satisfaction.