Small Business Tips: Utilizing Tech to Improve the Customer Experience

2 Mins read

Providing your customers with the best possible user experience from start to finish and even beyond can often be the factor that sets your company apart from the competition. 

Striving to make sure your customers are cared for is highly important in today’s fast-paced climate of instantaneous business, faceless interactions, and online payment portals. 

Thankfully, there is some incredibly helpful tech available for your specific needs, which can be a superb way to ensure that you can provide your customers with all the support you can. 

Here are some important points to consider if you feel like utilizing tech to help develop your company as a whole. 

A Live Chat Option

Instant messaging is one of the world’s favorite communication methods. It can be easy to use, efficient, and familiar to many, making it a sensible addition to your website. 

In many cases, it can be the next best concept in place of chatting in-person, so having an instant messaging option available for general queries is a great way to make sure that the customer is never too far from your expert help. 

Chatbots can perform the role of a stand-in until you or one of your staff members can answer the request in person, which can be useful for those of you looking to save money on staffing costs without having to sacrifice a personable touch. 

Customer Engagement Through APIs

APIs or application programming interfaces often provide the means by which applications or software integrations communicate with each other. A great API can help improve the customer experience in a myriad of beneficial ways. 

For example, by retrieving consumer data from a cross-section of locations, you may better understand your customers’ purchasing needs and how to cater to their specific behaviours. An API can offer targeted solutions, making its implementation a useful tool in your everyday processes, particularly for digital businesses. 

You might want to check out Octopart API for a superb example of how APIs can be utilized in different capacities. 

Cross-Platform Integration

With so many social media platforms for people to spend their time on, it might be worth thinking about integrating them into your various marketing campaigns and site pages. 

The more accessibility options your customers have to consider, the higher the likelihood that they will be able to discover your products or services. 

Striving to implement as many existing platforms as possible is a great way of not only extending your reach but communicating with your customers via a medium that feels most comfortable with. This can greatly aid your efforts in making the presence of your customer support options known, ideal for nurturing a trustworthy brand image. 

Virtual Reality

The concept of the customer experience can pertain to the way in which they interact with your website. 

The more aesthetically pleasing and interactive your site, the higher the likelihood you can increase footfall and retain the attention of visitors. 

Striving to implement virtual reality options such as tours and perhaps even games or interactive maps is a great way to make your site stand out as modern and professional, all the while nurturing the customer experience to be the best it can.