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The article rewriter tool is otherwise called an article spinning tool or software, or shortly a reword tool. The article spinning tool is designed to solve writing issues using certain algorithmic functions that help to rewrite an article into a fresh and unique one.

This is more of an automated system, from which you insert your write-ups into, and then watch how it works magic by changing the article’s wordings with words that are synonymous to the original article’s, which as a result, outputs an entirely different and unique version of the text that still maintains the message contained in the previous text.

Who Can Use it?

The modern age has brought remarkable developments, with article rewriting tools being among the most astonishing, as well as helpful among different classes of users.

People from different grounds or fields can effectively make use of an article rewrite tool for their respective purposes, with the Rewrite tool being helpful alot to students, bloggers, content providers, marketers, and many others. To sum all up, it is a cutting edge tool for modern writers across all backgrounds.

How Helpful Can Article Rewriter Be?

Article Rewrite tool is a lifesaving one, as it has various functions that saves a lot of one’s time and effort when it comes to writing, depending on one’s requirement on the article to be rewritten.

For instance, as a person responsible for handling write-ups at an overflow rate, and all within a similar topic, you may decide to write few articles on your own, and then use the article rewrite tool to spin the write-ups into duplicated ones which are also unique from the original. In this case, you’ve just leveraged the article spinner to get your job done without you having to follow a more difficult step of spinning.

Another way by which people make use this tool is; in the case of making someone else’s work to become theirs, just by automatically spinning the work. This is an unhealthy practice, but is worth mentioning, just to showcase the extent at which the tool can be used.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Article Spinning Tool

Below, are the advantages and disadvantages of using this tool to spin articles

Let’s get started!


Starting with the advantages of an article rewriting tool, find below some of the best among its features.

– It Is Time Saving: The tool is able to transform a long form of text into a unique one within few seconds or minutes, this depends on the word length and your network speed, but either ways, it is incomparable to the manual method of rewriting texts with respect to speed.

  – It Requires Minimum of Your Effort: Apart from saving you a lot of time, it’ll also help to preserve your energy since the task is now automated.

All that is required from you is to copy from a source and then paste it to go spinning, once done, you can head up to proofreading it if there’s any need for that.

– Removes you from the Repetition Pit: Writing could be exciting to some extents, but what if you are to write on a similar topic, on and on? Well, this is where it gets boring or exhaustive, but with article rewriter, you can use few of your writings as master-crafts, and then spins them to get your tasks done in multiples.

 A bonus advantage is that it will help you to beat up deadlines, when it comes to delivering articles on a specific timeframe.


The biggest challenge, to our disadvantage as per the use of article spinners is that of accuracy.

As stated earlier, the tool works by replacing your wordings with their synonyms, some synonymous words might not perfectly fit into a particular sentence. In many cases, the sentence might retain its meaning but may lack the absolute reading flow.

Article spinning tools publishers are doing their best to make their softwares able to beat up the issue of accuracy, and we’re at the top of that league.

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