Amazon Launches Better Than Ever Kindle Paperwhite Reviewed

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Amazon Launches Better Than Ever Kindle Paperwhite – Amazon’s first and by far the best hardware update for Kindle is finally here. Moreover, it is waterproof! Amazon’s Ziploc business is definitely in trouble now. The new $129 Kindle is the best e-book reader you can own. The online retail giant launched this breakthrough in the e-reading category, which was released on November 7, 2018.

Being waterproof, it is a perfect bet for the beach or poolside readers to let go of their plastic wraps and get their hands on the Kindle Paperwhite, with $40 off for premium users/members.

The device comes with 32 GB of storage; you can conveniently save thousands of books in one place. The battery, once fully charged, is good for weeks.

Kindle Paperwhite

Top Features of the Best-selling Kindle

This is the best bet by Amazon in terms of value for money. The best bargain one could get for such great features with $40 off for premium users. Some of the best features the third generation kindle offers are:

High-Resolution Display

The previous generations of Kindle came with a display resolution of 167 ppi, the all-new Kindle Paperwhite comes with almost double the display resolution of 300 ppi for the best quality text and better readability.

No-Glare Screen

Kindle Paperwhite sure reads like paper with a no-glare screen even in bright sunlight.

Weightless Reading

Kindle Paperwhite is lighter than a paperback book and hence is convenient to carry around with just one hand. So forget getting tired of carrying the book around, during the times when you just cannot leave the book. At just 8.18mm thickness and 6.4 ounces, it is lighter than the previous 7.2 ounce Kindle.

Month-long Battery Life

A single charge is enough to last for a month on average with brightness set at level 10, and regular average usage of 30 minutes and wireless turned off.

Eyestrain-free Reading

Unlike backlit devices that put pressure on your eyes, Kindle Paperwhite channels the light in a way that it feels like reading the paper without putting any strain on your eyes.

Sharper Text

Amazon has developed and tuned Kindle-exclusive fonts like Bookerly to ensure maximum readability of the text just like any printed book. Bookerly is inspired by the fonts found in modern printed books.

The sharper text offers great readability at any font size. Adjust font size to suit your needs without having to compromise on the quality of your reading experience.


The newest Kindle comes with an option to own a device with Wi-Fi or WiFi + Cellular Connectivity, with minor price differences. All you need a good internet service for this.

Easier Bookmarking

Use page flip to search pictures, charts, and maps across the book. Kindle automatically saves the page you were reading, which you can easily access afterward.

Exportable Notes

You can add notes to the book and easily print or save them as a PDF file. Taking notes makes it easier to write that important college paper or share your insights with your friends at the book club.

Low Book Prices

Kindle has over a million book titles listed at a price of $2.99 or less and over 2 million titles priced at $9.99 or less.

Kindle Paperwhite Design

Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has successfully maintained the basic blueprint of Kindle since its first generation. Kindle Paperwhite comes with the good old soft-touch matte plastic back, with weight so light, that it can be carried in one hand comfortably. However, the front thick bezel doesn’t look appealing in tablets but in the case of Kindle, provides a good space to rest the fingers.

Read in the Pool

Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof and lets you have the best reading experience while in a bath or pool. So forget Ziplocs or plastic wraps and enjoy reading fearlessly. Just like Kindle Oasis before Kindle Paperwhite, this comes with complete waterproofing, the best feature of the Kindle series! Kindle Paperwhite is built to sustain water for about an hour. So no need to panic, if you drop it in your bath.

Designed for Nighttime Reading

Kindle Paperwhite comes with built-in adjustable lights to make nighttime reading convenient without putting excessive strain on the eyes.

Best For Travelers

Kindle Paperwhite comes with a whopping 6-week battery life making it an ideal choice for avid travelers and readers. The battery life estimates assume an average 30-minute reading time.

Audible Support

Both 8GB and 32GB Kindle Paperwhites come with Audible support. Activate this feature by connecting a headset or speakers via Bluetooth and listen to your favorite audiobooks.

It took Amazon ten years of research and development to come up with a waterproof Kindle device with Kindle Oasis in 2017. Kindle Paperwhite is a simpler and more affordable version of Kindle Oasis. It is waterproof to an extent of being immersed in two meters of freshwater for 60 minutes, so safe for the pool but for the ocean? Can’t really say.

Kindle has always served the purpose of e-reading effectively. When compared to tablets, Kindle gives you zero interruption while you read. So don’t worry about a distracting tweet notification sucking you into the dark never-ending pit of the Internet. Kindle ensures the most convenient and uninterrupted reading experience.

The new Kindle has been adapted to study your likes and dislikes and make recommendations accordingly. So, what are you waiting for? Head on, and get your favorite Kindle right away, It definitely is going to be worth the investment.