Video in B2B: Some Tips for a Better Use

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Video in B2B: Some Tips for a Better Use – Video marketing in B2B is complicated, besides that the companies associate it often with a high budget. But videos have become an essential tool in marketing especially in B2B, in this era where digitalization has taken precedence over everything. Despite the differences between B2B marketing and B2C marketing, there is one area in which they meet: both audiences embrace video content and are influenced by it. People love watching videos.

72% of marketers say that video improves conversion rates. Faced with the infinite possibilities it offers, video is definitely a marketing strategy to put in place. Indeed, B2B consumers respond well to videos because they deliver the type of information they are looking for in a convenient and expected format.

There is no doubt that video content is gaining popularity over time: year after year, video is still in the marketing trends of the year. Internet traffic explodes with video. This means that video must definitely be at the center of B2B marketing to meet what has become a standard. Easy to understand and easily diffusible, video is more and more privileged and we understand why. However, the use of video in B2B is not necessarily simple.

Here are some tips from the explainer video company in Dubai to help you optimize your video marketing strategy.

The different uses of video in B2B

Video today is used in a variety of ways, but the main purpose is to publicize the company, talk about its products, and build customer loyalty. Thus, the video can be used in the form of a corporate film to make itself known to potential customers as well as to future employees.

The goal here is not just to build customer loyalty, but to expand it. It can also be used to advertise a product in a short video, or again, demonstrate its effectiveness in a more detailed video and therefore longer.

Make webinars and conferences

Webinars, interviews and customer reviews help to make your audience more loyal, because they not only include comments and testimonials from satisfied customers (interviews and customer reviews), but also focus on specialists who will better explain the products or services offered by the company (webinars).

The videos can also appear as tutorials and serve for informational purposes to advertise particular product features or share the instructions for one of your products. All this helps to make your community live. Another way of B2B prospecting is to publish videos of customers or users using your products. Thus, you will create a community that can easily grow as you go.

Make a B2B explainer video that catches the eye

Capturing the best attention must be the first objective of a B2B explainer video, especially in a professional setting where time management is a key factor.

It is for this reason that to optimize the interest of a video, one will have to insist on the first seconds, because they are vital. It will also insist on a storytelling that inspires and speaks to users: one of the best ways for this is video scribing or video on whiteboard.

Consider audience expectations before designing a video

It would be a huge waste to design a video that at first glance attracts the user, but will zap as soon as he knows what it is. You have to consider the expectations of users and customers in the development of videos so as to hook them to your video from beginning to end.

3 reasons to have a video in B2B without delay!

In our fast-paced society, where satisfaction must come instantaneously, traditional marketing techniques sometimes do not have as much impact as they could have a few years ago. And it is precisely an under-exploited marketing support, which nevertheless facilitates the passage of the viewers to the status of customers.

Videos tell a story

Even though traditional media such as brochures or flyers can convey your concept or advertise your product, they do not produce an emotional impact on customers as videos could do.

If you have not started yet, your competitors have surely already done so

Studies show that email companies can improve email opening rates by 6% and click through rate by over 95% by embedding videos in their email. Your competitors might already enjoy it.

Videos can improve your SEO

Including videos to your marketing strategy could help you to gain places in the search engines. Videos can also boost your business activity on social networks: this can lead to more likes, shares and sometimes better visibility.