CatchAR: A new directory to discover and promote Augmented Reality apps, filters and campaigns

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A couple of years ago, Augmented Reality was an expensive technology which was generally used by military and medicine. Nowadays, this technology is getting increasing popularity which encouraged many industries to take the immense benefits from augmented reality. Simultaneously, the tech-savvy people are also taking high interest in this innovative technology.

We all know what “Pokemon Go” is and how it became the top downloaded app in 2016. Since then it was ruling the hearts of the players with its perfect augmented reality gameplay. As the technology grows, there comes innovative usage of this technology. AR is contributing significant improvements in user’s daily life like searching for the information with the help of images and objects. 

While browsing the Internet, you can come across many directories to discover different AR projects which can improve your daily life. There are many companies which are working on large projects like catchAR and others in order to integrate this technology to improve our daily activities like our shopping experience. With the AR technology, the customers are able to see the products in real-world surrounding before actually buying them. 

CatchAR experience

The AR community is struggling to find an identity and a marketplace where they can interact with other AR enthusiast. There are many entrepreneurs and makers like Dan Zaitseve who are working effectively to build startups and projects to help them grow with the AR technology. is a curated directory and was built by Dan Zaitsev. It is a perfect place for startups, users and developers who want to jump into Augmented and Mixed Reality space. With the help of CatchAR, you can build a portfolio with the best augmented reality and mixed reality apps, projects and products. you can get more exposure, downloads and uses of your products if you are successful in building your portfolio at

You can visit the website to experience the best possible usage of this innovative technology. At CatchAR you will find many types of AR projects at one place. It is the right place for promoting your projects and marketing them to the audience around the world.  Thus, if you would like to discover more augmented reality applications, projects then CatchAR will definitely help you as it is free to use. 

For this directory, the main goal is to build the world’s largest augmented and mixed reality community. You can use this directory to find an discover the best augmented reality apps, lenses, campaigns for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Hololense, Magic Leap, Vuforia, WikiTude, ARCore and ARKit. 

Benefits of AR 

This technology has been brought to masses comparatively not long ago. It has already become one of the trending technologies in gaming. The AR developers try their best to explore all the benefits of this innovative technology. Some of the merits are as follows: 

  • It helps to drive the attention of users to the products and services for the companies. It helps the get the clients engaged into the daily activities they offer. 
  • With the most innovative approach, the technology contributes the value and popularity of your brands and products. 
  • It can help your customers to save the time as it can be used on the go and very much convenient. 
  • To use all the AR applications, there is no necessary for any special tool. This is an affordable and functional alternative to the majority of the current media platforms. 
  • The AR applications are developed according the market needs which makes it possible to adhere to the needs of the targeted customers. 

Spheres of Application

It is a huge misconception that the AR technology is only useful for gaming industry. The sphere of application for this technology is wide and most popular and most profitable these days. These are the other areas where the AR apps can offer the exclusive results. 

  • Automotive industry for developing AR featured cars 
  • Special bank cards with complete accounting information 
  • Getting attention of students in education industry 
  • Building great tourism industry 
  • Improving digital experiences with maps 

Key thoughts 

Augmented Reality is changing the way we live in the world. If you are one of AR creators or developers feel free to share your AR projects to get more downloads, installs, users and feedbacks.