Top 5 Reasons to Become a Google Analyst

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Business people have a lot of tools to attract more visitors to their webpages. The most popular of them are Google Analytics and Google Ads. These programs gather information about the websites’ visitors and help to understand the needs of the target audiences. Such analytic work is usually done under by a Web Analyst or a Google Analyst. This profession is rather new and stays in high-demanded by most of well-known IT companies.

The first reason, why such a profession is so popular, lies in working with advanced technologies. Everybody knows that the IT area is a step ahead of the rest of the world. Google Analyst is involved in the process of seeking new paths to resolve new problems. Moreover, analysts get valuable experience and can implement it in their own business in the future. They gain experience in Web Data Analytics and garner essential insights into the behavior of the market from web data. It helps to conduct qualitative research and deliver actionable data-driven business insights.

Secondly, such specialists are in high demand. Every company needs an employee to control website analytical processes. According to ​RobertHalf​, Web Analysts are also qualified for:

  • analyzing key performance metrics and competitive trending of the website;
  • creating forecasts using operational and statistical tools;
  • analyzing databases and logs to produce different reports;
  • recommending improvements to increase the number of visitors.

Google Analysts provide all the information needed for growing website conversions. But today there is a lack of Web Analytic Managers. It means that companies agree to hire even an inexperienced person to do this work.

The lack of an analytical workforce makes companies pay more for this vacancy, and it is the third advantage of this profession. As ​PayScale stated, the average salary of a Web Analyst is $63,615. The experienced analyst gets around $90k. For instance, the average wage of a Software Engineer is $70,310 and experienced one gets $107k. Moreover, Business Insider included Web Analytic Manager on their list of ​25 Highest Paying In-Demand Jobs​.

The fourth reason to choose Google analyst profession lies in the possibility to work remotely. More and more employers in the IT area prefer the remote working process. There is no need to waste time on traffic jams or sitting with other people in the open-space office. It means you can work from every part of the globe and still get a high salary.

The final benefit of the Google analyst job. According to ​NoriskSeo​,five years ago web analysts primarily existed in large companies. But their influence has expanded. Small and medium-size businesses began to hire such specialists too. Of course, it gave lots of opportunities to start successful careers for many young specialists. Even students got opportunities to work as web analysts in good companies. Lack of experience was not a problem anymore. Remote work enabled students both to work and study successfully. Students can get enough experience in a medium size company and then be employed in a big corporation like Google. Even the creators of Google analytics need their own Google analysts.

Where to Study and How to Become a Professional?

It is a sure thing that even a student can be hired as a web analyst to any company. ​Google Analytics Academy is the first place with free and valuable information. The course is divided into several groups, so even a professional analyst can find something interesting to level up. Plus, Google has its own Google Analytics YouTube Channel ​with extra information. At the end of the course, students pass the exams and get a Google Analytics Certification. Aside from Google, there are many useful courses on Coursera and Udemy. Some of them are free, others should be prepaid. Also, there exists a considerable amount of offline classes where students can get paid certificates. Everyone should choose the best course for themselves.

Nevertheless, it is rather difficult to go in for the studying process and work at the same time. In such a case, students need to work for the additional income yet skip lectures or seminars at the university. It can cost them an arm and a leg in the future, therefore, they do their best to be on time with everything. Students often search for somebody who can help them with studying, the ​best essay writer or somebody ready to assist them with course work are on high demand nowadays. Surely, if you feel that you are powerful enough to do everything with no help, you are perfect, yet, more and more graduates claim that with additional helping services it would be impossible to become a real professional and simultaneously earn money.

To sum up, Web analytics is worthy of being on the list of 25 the most well-paid jobs in the world. Despite the wage, this profession is attractive to the youth. It is in a high-demand and allows working remotely. This profession is growing fast, more and more companies need Web analysts. It can be an excellent chance to become well employed for everyone who dreams about working in IT.