Best 5 Marketing Campaigns by Top Digital Marketing Company

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Top Digital Marketing Companies – The modern digital marketing techniques are the result of three things. The first one comes of as a result of changing marketing trends and new inclusions of marketing sectors. The second one will be given to the changing search engine algorithms.

However, the third ones belong to those geniuses which changes the course of history by presenting some really awesome examples of digital marketing campaigns. This article is about those top digital marketing company

Single Grain along with Eric Siu

 Being a top digital marketing company, both of them knew how important it is to build a brand’s foundation and make it rank with the best seo practices. That is why they had come up with a new content marketing technique which is known as omnichannel content strategy. It is a huge profit till now. 

In this tactic, they had set up some lists of type of platforms you want to post your content. Social media being one of the big platforms, it gave solutions to people as to how they can get their content up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. 

They also introduced content which could go up for all the social media platforms, including Youtube. They emphasized on the fact that your content should be up everywhere so that it can reach as many people as possible. This is indeed a great finding by the top digital marketing company. 


Mint made boring subjects like managing personal finance, even more simple with the way it marketed the brand. It is a startup which like any other startup has difficulties in coping up with the competition with the other big personal finance companies. But Mint introduced a type of digital marketing strategies which made the brand known amongst most of the companies. 

They started with short content which used to go up as form of infographics. Generally personal finance is a huge thing too discuss, but they focused on making it gullible to the audiences. People came to know the terms of personal finance along with some other advices. This was all the doing of the top digital marketing company known as Mint. 

Long story short, the objectives of this brand was no less than other organizations, but they way they had marketed it made people understand the complex things in a simple way. Hence the brand became a huge hit in the personal finance market. 

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is one of the first brands to extensively use video content. And why not, it is supported by the top digital marketing company in the market. Although the way of their advertisements are a little rude, consider they use slang. But lets admit, it is communicative as hell and relates to most of the men in US and other countries. Top Digital Marketing Companies

Dollar Shave Club instantly got attention because it was breaking a slight rule of the marketing world and that was not to use inappropriate language. Although it did maybe this was in sight nature hence the subject was dropped down. This advertisement gathered over  7% of the total US shaving market. Not only that, the channel has more than 3 billion viewers on Youtube.

The launching of the advertisement in Youtube first, also had to-do something it. But, yes the company which they hired is definitely a top digital marketing company. Otherwise, it won’t have come up with such great marketing ideas. 


Slack is actually a collaboration tool which allows its users to shred files and communicate more easily among each other. However, being one of the most promising startups, they had a convenient rise from where they had started off: with 15,000 million users at the time of launching. Top Digital Marketing Companies

Now it has about 2 million users of its own. The main reason being the high-quality customer experience that they provide. In the time when digital marketing was still on the rise, nobody had actually though about customer experience management and how it can sway the digital metrics of an online brand. Top Digital Marketing Companies

Here is where they are unique, Clack came up with this unique ideas and chose to go in different directions. They integrated all the tools which are used to give proper user experience to the customers. Such as the development of the website was made in such a way that it ensured smooth navigation. It also included sitemaps which proved to be very fruitful. 


Airbnb is heard by most of the people in the digital market. But does really anyone knows, how it got its place? Being a top digital marketing company, Airbnb shares its story to us. It really revolutionized the way we travel and look for places to stay. In short words, it actually digitized the hotel and hospitality industry. 

Airbnb came up with software’s which would not only show different hotels in a particular location with availability on it. But it also focused on their price comparison and their services. Top Digital Marketing Companies

You actually could virtually see which place would be better for you. Now it has almost 4 million listings, and a total market valuation of $31 billion in the year 2017. 

Its eccentric advertisements done on social media are really commendable and the informative blog section really rampaged the content marketing. But the specialty of Airbnb lies in Instagram marketing. It is though their unique and untouched ways of marketing that they had gained so much fame and reputation online.


So these are the best 5 examples of the top digital marketing company in the world and why they are best in what they do. It is still not too late; you can still look at the marketing sectors which stroll haven’t gone all out in the market. Such as affiliate marketing, where you hire people to maintain the online reputation of your website. 

You can also hire some influencers and do effective Instagram marketing. Email marketing will be a better option though, to enhance personalized marketing, the new born in the horizon of digital marketing. 

However, do not fall prey to the black hat seo and digital marketing tactics like hiring inactive followers and stuffing keywords. As these can backfire on your brand and get your website banned by the search engines.