How to use Wi-Fi Extender and Reset It

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In this article, you will learn how to reset your Wi-Fi Extender to factory settings. But, first, we must see how to set up the extender for use. You can install the Extender using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). For this, first, plug the extender into the electrical outlet. Once it turns on, press the WPS button that you see on the Extender for 4-5 seconds. You will see the WPS LED blinking in the front.

Lights will Go On When Connected
Wait for 1-2 minutes and press the WPS button on the wireless router or access point (where you want the Wi-Fi). The Extender will connect to your existing Wi-Fi network. When the connection is successful, the light on the Extender will turn green. Now, the 2.4GHz Link Rate LED light will go on. If it does not happen, start from the first. If your router supports 5GHz band, then this light will go on.If you are wondering setup, here is the answer.

Reset Your Extender to Factory Settings
You can use two methods to reset your Extender to factory settings. Let us see the HW method first.

First Method of Resetting

The reset button is set in the rear panel of the extender. Press this button until the Device to Extender and the Link Rate LED begins to blink. You will see this happen in 5-10 seconds. You will not be able to access the small button because it will be recessed. Use a paperclip to access it. Once you release the button, the extender will reboot.

You will have to input your default password. The defaults are username- admin and password – password.

Second Method of Resetting

The second method is to use the software method.

Select Maintenance after opening the Add WPS Client. Now, select Backup Settings page. Click Erase button. The Extender will give you a pop-up message asking you to confirm. You can click “YES” if you wish to proceed. If you wish to cancel, click “NO.”

Now that you know How to reset new extender setup, you are ready to go. Get in touch with the Support team if any issue remains unresolved.

Get the Best Performance from Your Extender
There are a few ways to get your extender to give the best performance. One is to make sure the link rate LED is green or orange. You can clear dead spots that occur by moving the extender closer to the dead spot. Or, you could rotate the two antennae in different directions and this will clear the dead spot.

Another thing you could do is to use the latest firmware on your Extender. This will improve the performance, functionality, and stability of the Extender when you use it. The newest and up-to-date firmware will resolve old, outstanding issues and you will find new, improved features that help you use the Extender in a better way.

By default setting, the Extender will use the same password as your Wi-Fi network. To get the password, you have to log into the router. If you want, you can change the password during Smart Setup.