How to Login into my Netgear wifi Extender?

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How to Login into my Netgear wifi Extender? Once you’re done with your Netgear WiFi Extender Setup, for curating and changing the settings you need to login to your extender. Here in this post we will guide you’re with the same. However if you have not installed and configure your extender yet, refer to your device manual. Also, note the information mentioned here only implies on Netgear Range Extenders N and AC series and not to the Nighthawk series.

Steps to Login to your Extender

These are the steps that you need to implement for login to your extender via mywifiext

  1. Connect any laptop or computer to the extender’s network.  Make sure you connect to the extender’s wireless network and not to the router’s network.
  2. On your computer or laptop, launch a web browser – Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.
  3. In case you have different SSID’S (WiFi network name), type mywifiext local in the address bar and hit enter.
  4. If the extender and router is assigned with the same SSID, type inside the address bar.
  5. Alternately, you can use the IP address of your extender.
  6. Tap the “Enter” key. A login page will appear on your screen.
  7. Here you need to enter your login credentials – admin username and password.
  8. The username might be your email address.
  9. In case you forgot these credentials, use the username and password help link.
  10. You can even reset your login password by executing a factory reset of your extender.
  11. After putting the credentials in the prompted box, tap “Log in”.
  12. Tap on the “Menu” icon and wait till the extender menu displays.
  13. Use the “Settings” tab to monitor and adjust the extender’s settings as per your needs

Can’t open Extender login page? Do this:    

When your computer or laptop is not connected via Ethernet or through wireless, you can’t get to Netgear WiFi extender login page. Instead, you see these error messages on the screen:

Chrome can’t display the web page you’re looking for.”Mozilla is unable to find the server for mywifiext.local”. Internet Explorer and Edge users will observe- “page cannot be displayed” or “you are not connected to a network.”Also, if you mistype the web address for Netgear WiFi log in page, you won’t be able to open

If you’re looking for troubleshooting the above-stated errors, follow these steps:

  • Reduce the distance between the router and the extender. It is recommended to place both the devices in the same room at the time of extender login or setup.
  • Check the power source connectivity of the Extender via its power LED. If LED is not lit, unplug the extender from the power source.
  • Connect the extender to another power socket.
  • Now use an Ethernet cable to connect the laptop/computer with the extender.
  • Close and relaunch the web browser and delete the cache and cookies.
  • Reset the browser if possible and correctly type in the address bar.
  • This time you won’t face any trouble with your extender login.
  • However, make sure when you connect your laptop or PC to the extender’s wireless network, do assign a static IP to your system.
  • This will help you to smoothly login to the extender in the future.
  • Tip: When you modify any of the wireless network settings, don’t forget to click on apply and save the default address to your system.