Oppo F11 Pro vs Vivo V15 – Which have a Better pop-up Camera?

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Smartphone manufacturers keep coming up with newer technologies to help you have an enriching experience. The launching of pop-up cameras is the latest technology that everyone is talking about these days. Oppo and Vivo have been one of the arch-rivals in the Indian market. They have recently launched their flagship mobile phones Oppo F11 Pro and Vivo V15 with the pop-up camera feature. 

Hence, if you were looking to buy a smartphone with a pop-up camera, then you may be confused about which one to buy between these two models. To help you make the correct buying decision, here is a post that will let you explore more!   

What is a pop-up camera?

As the name suggests, a pop-up camera is a type of camera that rises from the behind of your smartphone screen to click stunning photos. A Pop-up camera does not come out on its own unless you want it to come out. They also work as a classy style element and may appeal yuppies. 

Key differences between the specs of Vivo V15 and Oppo F11 Pro       

Vivo V15 

  • 6 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM, expandable up to 256 GB via a microSD Card
  • 6.53 inch FHD+ display 
  • 12MP + 8MP + 5MP + 5MP + 5MP + 8MP rear cameras
  • 32MP front pop-up selfie camera 
  • MediaTek MTK Helio P70 processor 
  • 4000mAh battery 

The price of the Vivo V15 smartphone in India is around Rs.20,000. 

Oppo F11 Pro 

  • 6 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM, expandable up to 256 GB via a microSD Card
  • 6.5-inch FHD+ display 
  • 48MP + 5MP dual rear cameras 
  • 16MP pop-up selfie camera 
  • MediaTek MTK Helio P70 Octa Core 2.1 GHz processor 
  • VOOC Charging 
  • 4000mAh battery 

You can purchase the Oppo F11 Pro mobile phone in India at around Rs.21,000. 

Vivo V15 vs Oppo F11 Pro – Which one to choose? 

Vivo has recently launched its V15 to combat the earlier launched Oppo F11 Pro with a pop-up camera. Both these phones have a selfie pop-up camera on the front, but the placement is different from each other. You will find the pop-up front camera on extreme left on the Vivo phone, while it’s almost on the center in the Oppo phone.

Vivo and Oppo are arch-rivals, and hence, they follow each other on features and more. The screen of the Vivo smartphone is larger than the Oppo smartphone. On the hardware front, both these phones at par with each with 6 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM with an expandable memory of up to 256 GB. 

On the pop-up selfie camera front, the Vivo V15 sports a 32MP camera, while the Oppo F11 Pro boasts of a 16MP camera. Both cameras can click fantastic images, but it is the Vivo V15 that leads due to double camera lenses. 

On the other hand, it is the rear camera specs of the Oppo F11 Pro that comes out as the winner over the Vivo V15. 

As far as the overall design and looks of the phones are concerned, both of these phones look beautiful, but the Vivo V15 is a lighter model than the Oppo F11 Pro. 

Both Vivo V15 and Oppo F11 Pro sport a bigger and brighter FHD+ display along with a non-lagging and satisfactory performance. However, the software of these mobile phones is not what all may like. It is the only not-so-hot element of these phones. The ColorOS and FunTouchOS lead to many bloatware, which may not be on everyone’s preferences. 

Overall, both Vivo V15 and the Oppo F11 Pro mobile phones are good in their own ways. But, you may wish that one of these phones may have sported USB Type C port and no microSD. On the battery front, both phones have a 4000mAh battery that may be enough to last for a day. But, the option of VOOC Charging steals the thunder from Vivo V15 in this department.

You may choose either the Vivo V15 or Oppo F11 Pro mobile phone as the pop-up cameras of these phones are good in their own ways. 

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