How Can I avail of Airtel Broadband Connection?

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Today everyone depends on the internet, and it is almost impossible to survive without it. Dependency on the internet is increasing by the day. Not only when you are at home, but you might also need to be connected when you are on the go. But while you are at home, you can save your precious mobile data by taking an Airtel Broadband connection. But how would you get an Airtel broadband connection for your house or your office? You can do so by following these few simple steps.

1. Visit the Airtel online website – It might seem an irony that you would need to be on the Internet to get a broadband connection, but it is the simplest way. Though you could visit an Airtel office nearby to get the necessary help, this is the simplest way. There is a separate section for Broadband connection on the website. Once you click on it, you would find yourself the unlimited options that Airtel has in store for you. You will have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

2. Choose Your City – Airtel broadband is available in all the popular cities of the country. You would need to choose your city to see the plans available there. As soon as you do that, you would be shown the available options for your city.

3. Choose an Appropriate Plan For Yourself – Airtel has quite a few monthly rental plans for you. Starting from Rs. 799, you can choose for yourself how much data you would spend a month and select the necessary bandwidth. While the lowest plans offer a maximum of 100 GB data per month and no rollover, you can get plans where you have no download limit. Data rollover is also available on most of these monthly rental plans. On top of that, you even get Airtel Thanks benefits. You get to enjoy Netflix subscriptions for 3 months, Amazon Prime for a year and Airtel TV and Zee 5 Premium as well.

4. Enter Address Details And Offer Your Name And Number – Once you have decided which option you want to go with, you would be required to put in your address. You will even be asked if you are staying in a multi-story building, in which case you would need to specify the flat or floor number. The city would be pre-selected for you. You should then type in your name and offer your mobile number. Once you have filled in the details, just click on ‘Submit’.

This is all you would need to do. Airtel would reach out to you for the next part of the process. They would take care of the installation process and everything else. You would just need to relax and enjoy the blazing fast Internet speeds. Getting connected to Airtel broadband connection is this simple. Upgrading your current plans and everything else can be done pretty easily too.