How You Can Enjoy Watching Live TV On Your Firestick?

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One of the most useful devices of our times is the Firestick. The Firestick is an Android device which helps you to convert your regular television (with an HDMI port) into a smart TV by which you will be able to access the internet and watch shows from online streaming services and YouTube. It is a great way to Watching Tv our favourite online shows on the big screen without having to buy a new expensive smart TV. However, one of the most pertinent issues with this problem is that most of these online streaming sources need you to pay subscription fees, and these fees are not cheap. But by jailbreaking the Firestick, you can access all content on the Firestick, and that means those streaming applications which can provide your favourite shows for free too.


Thus you will essentially be bypassing the paid subscription-based applications and accessing the same content from other sources. It is not illegal in jailbreaking the Firestick. You can jailbreak the Firestick, by installing some specific add-ons from third-party sources and then running them. But before doing this, you need to enable the Developer option on your Firestick from the Settings option on your device. This is similar to any other Android device. Once you become a developer, you can start Debugging and install your applications. 


You should use a virtual private network service (VPN) before you access any content from the jailbroken Firestick. A lot of countries have strict rules on piracy, and some countries might feel that accessing content through jailbroken fire sticks is illegal. So to protect yourself online, always use a VPN service.

You can get access to hundreds of shows, movies, live television channels; sports and so on from all across the globe with your Firestick and you can watch them all from the comfort of your home on your regular television. All you will need is a good internet connection, and you will be set.  

There are hundreds of applications available which are all open-sourced and which will allow you to access live television from different regions of the world. You can live stream News also shows in this way.

Similar is the case with Sports shows. Channels that are inaccessible or banned otherwise in certain regions can also be accessed through these add-ons and open sourced applications on your Firestick.

You can easily watch live TV on Firestick and get access to the most popular content across the world. However, you should remember to use a VPN service before you access this content from your jailbroken firestick. You can search for the best free VPN on Windows 10 to get a list of the most popular VPN services. 


Firesticks provide great convenience and comfort to people who do not want to buy too many extra gadgets for accessing their favorite content. It will allow you to convert your regular HDMI compatible television into a smart TV easily. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.