Benefits of Upgrading your App from AngularJS to Angular

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Benefits of Upgrading your App from AngularJS to Angular. If you want to build dynamic single-page applications (SPAs), Angular will be the ideal JavaScript Framework. AngularJS and Angular differ a lot, although they are having similar names. We can consider Angular as an entirely different framework when compared with AngularJS due to its insertion of Typescript, which enables the type-checking of objects, properties, and variables. However, some functional concepts are still common for both these versions, such as its modular structure, dependency injections, property bindings, components, and services. In this blog post, we will focus on the difference between Angular and AngularJS, which will help you to understand the benefits of upgrading your app from  AngularJS to Angular.

Reasons that Make AngularJS Outdated

  • Applications that are developed in AngularJS tend to function slowly in cases when there is an overuse of Two-way data binding feature.
  • It will be very hard for developers to maintain the codes that are written in AngularJS since the logic of the projects are written in HTML markup.
  • Lack of proper documentation is another weak spot of AngularJS.
  • Angular comes with component-based programming whereas AngularJS uses Modular programming.
  • The expression syntax that is used in AngularJS uses JavaScript-like code snippets, whereas Angular uses “( )” for event binding and “[ ]” for property binding.
  • Angular JS lacks mobile support.

Why AngularJS to Angular Migration is Preferred?

The latest version of Angular comes with many advanced features such as data binding, TypeScript, great IDE support, etc. The best parts of AngularJS is filtered to build Angular, therefore migrating your app that is written in legacy AngularJS code to the latest version of Angular is extremely beneficial for your business. If you are trying to find a software development vendor for your app modernization project, India will probably be the best destination. Many Angular Development Companies in India provide AngularJS to Angular migration services cost-effectively. 


TypeScript is similar to that of JavaScript, the inclusion of types in TypeScript makes it stand apart from the JavaScript. It helps to improve the readability of the code and dodge errors that make debugging easier. It is very common to make mistakes in JavaScript, like calling a non-existing function or forgetting to declare a variable.

We will show an example of how the code varies from JavaScript to TypeScript:


class FlowersService {

  public flower = [];

  public addFlower(flower) {

    if (this.isValid(flower)) {




  private isValid(flower) {





class FlowersService{

  public flowers: flower[] = [];

  public addFlower(flower: Flower): void {

    if (this.isValid(flower)) {




  private isValid(flower: Flower): boolean {




Here, the flower is an interface that could be imported into our file. The interface defines the color for an object of type Flower. 

The return types and parameters are described as seen from the highlighted code. This helps to notify you about possible errors when you use the wrong types in the wrong places.

IDE Support

TypeScript is supported on all types of IDEs, which will help you a lot while coding. It is better to use Eclipse as an IDE since it has an immense package for TypeScript.

Angular CLI

Angular CLI is a command-line interface for adding files and initializing new projects. It makes use of Webpack to include all the importing, packaging, etc.

Data binding

When compared with AngularJS, Angular employs both two-way and one-way data-binding.

This helps developers to minimize development time as it doesn’t need extra code to render Model synchronization and continual View. Apart from two-way data binding, Angular has other features like Dependency Injection and Change Detection.

AngularJS to Angular Migration with ngUpgrade

You can easily migrate small components of your application to Angular with the ngUpgrade library. It allows smooth migration by combining AngularJS and Angular elements together.

We can manage hybrid apps that have support to both AngualrJS and newer versions of  Angular with the help of a module called UpgradeModule.This module provides utilities for bootstrapping hybrid applications that support both codes. During the migration process, the services and components that are managed by AngularJS can work together with those from Angular, which happens in three main areas: change detection, the DOM, and dependency injection.

I hope you get insights into the benefits of upgrading your app from AngularJS to Angular. Read more on the latest  Javascript frameworks.