Design Tips for the Wearables Tech Market

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Design Tips for the Wearables Tech Market. Was it just a few years ago when Fitbit became all the rage? Suddenly, wearable technology was making all the headlines as consumers became aware of this wonderful wearable technology that could monitor an assortment of biometrics. Whether they were trying to measure activity as a weight loss adjunct or work on cardio health, Fitbits were there to meet a need and best of all, at a price the average consumer could afford. However, that was just the beginning of the wearables war, and if you are a techie intent on entering this rather new market, here are some design tips that will help you compete – even with the big guys!

Keep It Small!

One of the main reasons why so many ideas have been scrapped is due to the size restrictions on wearables for mass marketing. You would think that wouldn’t be a problem with the advances in technology, but unfortunately, the electronic circuitry can present a real challenge. The key point is, if you want to target a mass audience, keep your wearable small enough to be worn unobtrusively. Whether you are designing a device that monitors blood sugar for diabetics, or blood pressure and cardio rates for heart patients, no one wants to walk around wearing a medical device. Keep it small and attractive and you’ll win a bigger market!

Internal Design Is Just as Important

Unfortunately, designing the printed circuit board for a tiny device can present quite a challenge. When moving back and forth between CAD programs, you may find that some elements don’t translate well between one program and the next. The best way to keep that design small without going through dozens of prototypes is to use one all-encompassing electronic circuit board design software from start to finish. Not only will you mitigate waste of time and materials on ineffective prototypes, but you will also be launching your new wearable that much faster. It’s imperative to capture a new market before the competition beats you, and in technology, that can happen literally overnight.

Market Research

Perhaps this should be the very first thing you do! It is imperative to determine why other devices like yours aren’t selling and what you can do to improve on current designs already available. For example, is that wrist wearable too bulky for a petite woman? Sometimes the design leads to a wearable that can be worn in several ways. Some can be worn around the neck, others as a wristband. It obviously depends on the metrics your wearable is meant to measure, but the key point is the research that will guide you in your ultimate design.

Wearables are still extremely popular and it is a market that is wide open for consumers of all ages and states of health. You can design wearable medical technology, health technology or anything in between, but now is the time to get a foothold in this market. Wearables are relatively new and one single device can cement your future in the business. Balance function with design and you’ve already got one foot in the door.