Top 5 eLearning Software in 2019

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eLearning Software in 2019 The advent of modern technology has drastically changed the way businesses operate and the field of education is no exception. Companies all over the world are saving a lot of money and time by applying digital approaches. That’s where eLearning software comes in.

As a huge part of the developing EdTech industry, eLearning describes the practice of learning by leveraging modern technology. That doesn’t mean traditional ways of training are becoming extinct, but educational institutes and businesses have recognized that we can accomplish a lot more by utilizing technology.

The majority of us own smartphones and other internet-connected devices, and you’ll find a huge number of apps that intend to make learning stress-free and faster. If you’re studying for an examination, you can access learning content wherever you are. And if you wish to acquire new language skills, you do so by using various language learning apps and online flashcards.

Via digital resources, knowledge is at your fingertips. With online learning tools, you don’t need much time to discover any information, or to improve a particular skill. Keeping this in mind, the manner in which training organizations and instructors produce courses is also radically altering. 

In this article, you’ll find the 5 best eLearning software available in 2019.

1. SkyPrep LMS

SkyPrep LMS is a cloud-based learning management system that provides a platform for training managers for producing, handling and marketing training courses. Its main features include custom branding, automated learner registration, and blended learning.

By using SkyPrep’s course authoring functionality, you can upload your PowerPoints, videos, SCORM content and other kinds of media to produce custom training courses, which can be self-paced, instructor-led or conducted via an online classroom. The courses can be trademarked and tailored with your company’s own website, logo and color theme.

You can add trainees separately or in large numbers and can even group them in numerous ways as necessary to be registered in courses. Custom exercises and exams, together with real-time reporting, guarantee that you can easily track and measure training progress.

SkyPrep also offers an e-commerce functionality that lets you sell courses to clients and resellers. It also allows mobile learning capabilities so that your learners can access courses on the move using a tablet or a smartphone.

2. Docebo LMS

Docebo is another cloud-based learning management system that offers training programs for staff, associates and clients. It serves numerous industries comprising IT, technology, retail, consulting, healthcare, engineering, energy, oil, and gas.

This eLearning software has several features and applications that can be activated or inactivated depending on your company’s requirements. 

You can provide content, manage training, track qualifications and reward trainees via the platform. Privacy settings allow you to grant particular authorizations while guarding different users. It offers unrestricted storage, courses, bandwidth, and admins. The LMS can also be integrated with third-party applications.

If your company has a multilingual workforce, you can enjoy Docebo’s multi-language support with more than thirty different languages, training and tailored on-boarding. You can easily access this software via portable devices and apps for iOS and Android. It also offers white-labeling so you can use your own logo and brand.

3. Lessonly

Lessonly is also a cloud-based eLearning software that allows you to construct, share and track learning content and activity from a single platform. It is mainly used by customer service teams, sales teams, and human resources.

Lessonly is compatible with mobile devices, making the LMS available on-the-move. It can be personalized to match your business’ appearance by incorporating your logo, colors, and a bespoke URL. You can produce unrestricted courses and training, using text, pictures, audiovisual, and more.

Not only that, but you can also add discrete learners and clusters to particular projects with just a few clicks. There’s also a due date feature via which email notifications are sent to ensure courses are completed in time.

A support team is available to help with queries via live chat, email and phone calls during their regular operating hours and they also offer installation services for new customers.

4. Bridge

Bridge is a workforce advancement platform developed especially for workers and executives. It offers peer-to-peer training, live face-to-face training, external learning, online courses, mentorship, objective tracking, and peer evaluation. Other key features include standard courses, information retention, interactive audiovisual, incessant performance management, skills evaluation, and reporting.

You can customize learning tracks and course offerings to discrete user profiles. It also offers the capability for learners to halt in the mid of courses and restart in the same spot, even if they’re accessing the software from a different device.

For admins and course designers, this solution offers quiz-design tools based on instructional design practices, performance analytics, customizable reasoning, and the capability to generate and manage groups of trainees. Courses can be generated within the system itself, or you can import SCORM content.

It also offers support via email, smartphone and through a virtual knowledge base.

5. Tovuti

Tovuti is another all-in-one, cloud-based solution intended to stimulate the potential of businesses via producing, providing and tracking virtual training and teaching. The end-to-end solution offers you everything you need to construct interactive eLearning courses, whether you’re training your employees, associates or clients.

Key features include course authoring, interactive material (such as videos), live video conferencing, social communities, gamification, badges/accreditations, reports/analytics, tests/evaluations, learner management, event management, e-commerce, subscription management, notifications (comprising geofenced notifications), instant messaging, blended learning, micro-learning, asynchronous and synchronous learning, calendars, mobile learning and more.

It also provides a full content management system (CMS) and the capability to host multiple websites with diverse branding, through its brand manager. Moreover, it has a collection of 7000 courses on HR training, compliance, and professional development.

Tovuti was intended to make training interactive, social and gamified so your trainees want to learn. You can easily and quickly create content using the in-built course authoring tool that can either use your current content or can enable you to create more than forty kinds of highly interactive content. As everything is in one easy-to-use software, you’ll save time and money, with robust reporting on your trainees’ entire journey.