Is PimpAndHost Still around and how to access it?

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All the youngsters from the 90s know about the controversial site named PimpAndHost. It is basically a free photo image and hosting share website. It’s very popular for its controversial and R rated stuff. It’s one of a kind and there are no such websites like PimpAndHost. There are a few reasons for its uniqueness. If you are someone who is reading about this website the first time then you are not alone.

It is a free image hosting platform and you can upload and download different sorts of images. It’s highly used by web graphics experts and different people who are fond of images. The main concern of most people is the potentially offensive and degrading content they upload. Someone can find it very disturbing if they are not used to such stuff. 


Publically announce that we don’t endorse any of their content or images. We strongly urge people not to watch their stuff as it could be very disturbing or humiliating for some. We advise you to not watch or visit if you can’t handle such offensive content and images.

The hostile content which it shows could be very disturbing for a faint-hearted or a sensitive person. You can visit this website for some other purposes like educational or for just finding graphics for your work. Otherwise, we don’t recommend going to this website. 

Why PimpAndHost so famous?

PimpAndHost got its popularity because of the sound and handy features it is providing. It also got popular because of their offensive and abusive content. Some people also made fun of this website quite a lot of times and it was also banned by the authorities multiple times because of its legality issues and extreme content posting by its users.

PimpAndHost itself isn’t bad but in fact, the people who use it make it suspicious and fishy. You can find a lot of image sharing websites. If you are looking for some positive and neutral content, but Pimandhost is something else and it’s not made for everyone.

You cannot find such content and crap anywhere else. The content and images that it provides it questionable and not tolerable by most of the people. 

Another reason for its popularity is the advanced technology it uses for uploading and downloading stuff on the internet. You can share your images on the internet and upload it on this platform and everyone will have access to it.

You can share your images and content with a vast number of people online. It gained the most used image hosting site for adult users because of the bulk of crap and nudity it brings with its online platform which is also accessible by everyone. 

The legality of their content is discussed a lot of times and they have been banned by authorities many times. They are seen as the dealers in the adult industry just because of the fact that they are the adult industry. 

Incredible Features in PimpAndHost

Apart from the image sharing and hosting services it also provides a list of wonderful and handy features that prove to be very useful. These features listed below have interesting charisma which makes this website very unique and one of its kind. 

  • This website has technically no links and contacts with malicious or suspicious software and any kind of harmful programs. It is also rated as safe by Google’s safe browsing.
  • It is a very fast uploading feature which makes it very feasible for users to upload their images and graphics. By doing this, all people can access them. 
  • It also has the option of making an online account that will give you access to full-fledge features which will be discussed in some other article about PimpAndHost. 
  • You can practically create and design Gifs.  Moreover, you can also animate different gifs and videos according to your taste. This won’t cost you extra money or something. It’s something that is included in the free package. 
  • You can also, create a playlist of images and an album of your free images and keep them safe and secure for the future. This is a very useful feature if you don’t want to download the content. 
  • The album feature in PimpAndHost keeps it well-organized. 
  • With this website, you have no limits. Literally, it offers every format to be uploaded. You can upload your files in Jpeg, PNG, BMP, or gif if you want to.
  • It provides its users with a data limit of 5 Mb per picture. That means you can upload a picture that is lesser than or equal to 5 Mb. This is a very nice data limit and you can also maintain the picture quality with this. 
  • If you are quite impressed by now, you still have to bear the fact that this website also provides an on-site image plugin. This feature enables you to edit your pictures and graphics right on the website. 
  • You can also, edit the image even after you have uploaded the image. 

Like it? PimpAndHost can be your best pal when it comes to image hosting and access images. But still, we warn you and strongly advise against using PimpAndHost for any purpose. It can prove very discomforting for many users. 

Where do I find it?

If you totally understand the risks and still want to discomfort your eyes and your beliefs then it’s up to you. Nothing really can be done then. The simplest reason to access this site is to check the images that are uploaded by someone else. Also, you can access it to upload something of your own too. We can understand your purpose of visit and advise you to follow the following simple steps. 

  • Go to google and search PimpAndHost and Put .com at the end
  • You can also do the same on Bing and get the desired results.