Apple Magic Trackpad Review

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Apple Magic Trackpad Review. The growing popularity of laptops has almost made people forget how to handle the conventional mouse. The modern-age trackpad is the flavor of the day, and people feel more at home while using a trackpad.

To resolve this issue, Apple has introduced the Magic Trackpad that will make the desktop PC work in the fashion of a laptop and goatdee (in terms of input device). The Magic Trackpad can be called the brother of Magic Mouse in terms of the price tag ($69). Design aesthetics and 4-finger multi-touch gesture.

Apple Magic Trackpad Design

Apple Magic Trackpad is more like an aluminum slab with a slope and glass surface. Measuring around 1x5x5 inches, the Magic Trackpad offers more tracking surface (nearly 80% more) than the Macbook and Macbook Pros trackpad. Owing to the sloping design, the Magic Trackpad gives comfort to your palm, which is otherwise absent in conventional mice. Magic Trackpad is white plastic at the bottom with rest pegs.

These rest pegs work in the fashion of feet that would prevent the trackpad from sliding around. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. The rest pegs are in point of fact mouse buttons. This realization would come to you when you press the trackpad surface with a little more pressure that reverts with a ‘click’ sound. The Macbook trackpads work similarly.

Ease of Use

Much like in the Macbook and Macbook Pros, the Magic Trackpad offers four multi-touch points that work simultaneously. When you use a single finger, the essential functions of click and drag are performed. With two fingers, you can scroll, pinch-to-zoom, right-click, and rotate.

With three fingers, you have even more options to swipe in forwarding and backward positions. This is helpful for programs such as iPhoto, the integrated image viewer, Safari, etc. With four fingers, you can swipe in left in the right direction and vice versa to reveal the app switcher. Swiping four fingers in an upward direction would reveal the desktop, and the downward direction swipe would activate Exposé for quick navigation.

The steep learning curve could be annoying for first-time users, but with more and more us, multi-touch gestures will be impressively natural. With Mac OS x 10.6 version, the Magic Trackpad (under the control panel) guides you on all the available gesture modes and how they work. Magic Trackpad can be connected to any Mac Pro or iMac via Bluetooth. 2 AA batteries power the Magic Trackpad. For power users, Apple has released additional Battery Charger with 6 NiMH AA batteries at just $29.

Apple Magic Trackpad Software

The automatic software update in Mac OS X will relieve you from installing driver’s software from a CD. Boot Camp will enable the Magic Trackpad to behave like the Magic Mouse and Pubg pc. Just ensure that you have updated Boot Camp driver on the support website of Apple. The Magic Trackpad is not compatible with the iPad and the iPhone till now.

Final Words

Considering the same price tag, the Magic Trackpad works better than the Magic Mouse. The Magic Trackpad offers a larger multi-touch surface and is comfortable on the palm.