6 Top Cloud Music Services

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Top Cloud Music. Music aficionados could hardly resist the temptation of listening to their favorite songs on the go. But your music CDs and the MP3 player might not accompany you to every place. Moreover, maintaining the music files in discs could be an arduous task.

To find a solution to your problems, you can turn to Cloud-based music services Projectfreetv. With the help of these online music services, you can store your favorite songs and music tracks in the Cloud, from where you can access the audio files from any place at any time with the help of a device equipped with an internet connection.

Best Cloud Music Services

1. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Player allows users to store their music files in the ‘Amazon Cloud Drive.’ It offers up to 5GB of free storage space in a remote server. For additional storage, you can opt for a paid storage plan, which starts from $20 per year for 20GB online storage space. You can even upgrade your cloud storage to 20GB for a year free of cost by buying an MP3 album from the Amazon MP3 store.

The servers of Amazon securely store the files in the Cloud. Music could be uploaded in the Amazon Cloud Drive only from PC and Mac. You can play the music files with the help of Amazon Cloud Player on computers and Android smartphones. Android device users should install Amazon MP3 for Android app with built-in Cloud Player to listen to the songs saved in the Cloud on the go. After installing the Cloud Drive in your computer, it will automatically search for music files and playlists saved in the hard drive. You can decide which files need to be kept in the Cloud and the ones that should be eliminated from the online library.

2. mSpot Music

Nothing can be better than a service that allows you to store your music files online without paying a subscription fee. mSpot Music offers up to 5GB free storage space, which is enough for stashing around 4000 songs. At $3.99 per month subscription fee, you can upgrade your online music library to 40GB storage capacity. You can upload your music files to the cloud library from your PC or MAC.

The online music library could be synced with multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and televisions with internet connections. You can even check the lyrics of the songs on your PC or smartphone display. mSpot Music app could be downloaded from the iTunes app store and Android Market.

3. Google Music (Beta)

With this new Cloud-based Google service, you can access your music files stored in the Cloud from a browser. To avail of this service, which is currently at the beta stage, you should request an invitation from After receiving your beta invite, you can log into the site with your Google Account email and password. Music files could be uploaded to the cloud library from multiple computers. You can even add all your playlists and synchronize your iTunes library. Playlists are automatically synced with minimal hassle. The built-in Music Manager software handles all the uploading and syncing tasks. You can adjust the settings of the software, telling it what to sync and when to sync.

The Instant Mix feature of Google Music automatically creates new playlists from the contents stored in the online music locker. You can even build your playlist manually. Android smartphone users could access the online music locker with the help of the free Music app, which can be downloaded from the Android Market. However, this app only works on Android-based devices running on the Android 2.2 Éclair or higher operating systems. One of the main benefits of running this app is that it could play all your recently played songs even when the device is not connected to the internet.

4. Apple iTunes in the Cloud

This upcoming Apple cloud-based storage service automatically saves Music downloaded on any device from iTunes in the Cloud. It automatically synchronizes the Music stored in the Cloud with your Apple devices, PC game Pubg pc download and Mac. If you want to go beyond your iTunes playlist, you might opt for the upcoming iTunes Match, which will be launched this fall.

Through iTunes Match, you can save all your music files along with the ones accessed through iTunes in the Cloud. Once the software is installed in your Apple device or PC, it automatically uploads songs that match those present in the iTunes Store in your online music library. You can manually upload the rest of the audio files saved in your device that do not match the ones present in the Apple online music store. Apple’s iCloud with iTunes Match is available for a $24.99 annual subscription fee.

5. Best Buy Music Cloud

This Cloud-based music storage service from the retailer Best Buy is currently at the invitation-only beta stage. Once you install the Best Buy Music Cloud software on your computer, you can create, organize, and synchronize your playlists with your PCs and Apple, BlackBerry, and Android phones. The music files stored in your Best Buy account could be accessed from any location, at any time. You can select a song, a playlist, or an artist whose songs you can play on your PC or smartphone even without an internet connection. However, there are several loopholes in the Best Buy Music Cloud service.

Users can only upload their iTunes playlists to the music locker. You might not upload your music files from Windows Media Player to the Cloud. The free basic service offers limited access to uploaded songs. You can play each song only for 30 seconds. To enjoy the best features of the Best Buy Music Cloud, you can opt for the paid Premium service, which will be launched at a later date. Go to idealmusical for the best quality musical instruments.

6. Mougg

Mouge offers up to 1GB of free storage space. You can enjoy unlimited storage by upgrading your Mougg account for $2.99 per month subscription fee.

Audio files could be saved in the online music locker and accessed from PCs, Android, and Apple devices. Users can create and share their playlists on Twitter and Facebook.