Tips for Buying Data Center Proxies

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If you have not been using proxies for your business, it’s a wise decision to incorporate them into your project. By using proxy servers, you not only get to enjoy online anonymity but also protect your business from data loss and online predators. Dedicated proxies work the best for those businesses that are looking to scrape large quantities of data for purposes of launching the best intelligence strategies.  

What should you look for before buying data center proxies? Well, let’s find out. Before we narrow down to dedicated proxies, there’s a need to understand proxies clearly.  For more information read Oxylabs’ blog post on “What is a Proxy?”.

Buying Dedicated Proxies: What Is a Proxy?

A proxy is an intermediary server acting as a buffer between you, the end-user, and the internet. The server is responsible for hiding your online identity and ensuring that you enjoy online anonymity. 

So, what happens any time you browse the web using a proxy server? For your computer to communicate with other online resources, it requires an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Ideally, this address is assigned to you by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). An IP address is what defines your online presence. With just your IP address, a website you are accessing or your ISP can track your online activity and your exact location. 

A proxy server also has an IP address.  When surfing using a proxy, traffic flows from your computer, passes through the proxy server (the server will then change your original IP address) before reaching the destination site. The same way, the response will come from the destination page, pass through the proxy server before the proxy sends it back to your device. This way, your original IP address is left unexposed, and you can browse anonymously. 

Proxy Types 

The best way of securing all your online operations is by using dedicated proxies. There are different types of proxies available today. The most commonly used proxies are data center proxies.

Data Center Proxies

Most businesses use data center proxies to protect all their online movies. If you are in business, you can’t afford to leave any online footprints after browsing the web. Instead, you must always remain protected. 

Data center proxies provide the much-needed online anonymity. These proxies are independent in the sense that they are not affiliated with any internet connection or ISP. They come from third-party corporates and will allow you to browse undetected without any single link to a precise geographical location. 

Shared, Semi-Shared, And Dedicated Proxies 

When you purchase any proxy, it can either be a shared, semi-dedicated, or a dedicated proxy. 

Shared proxies are servers that are used by multiple users at the same time. Everyone using a particular shared proxy will bear an IP address same to another person using the same proxy. The number of users might not be limited.

Semi-dedicated proxies are also shared proxies. The only difference between them and shared proxies is that for the semi-dedicated proxies there’s a limit on the number of users. Typically, an admin allows up to 3 users to share one proxy. 

Private/dedicated proxies are single-user proxies. When you purchase these proxies, you’re the only one using them. Dedicated proxies offer the best online security. 

What are some of the things to look out for before purchasing data center proxies? 

Buying The Best Data Center Proxies for Your Business 

There are a lot of data center proxies’ providers, and you must ensure that you buy the best data center proxies for your business. Here are some of the things you need to consider. 

Research More About Your Provider 

There are many companies out there offering data center proxies. To stay protected, research more about your provider and ensure that you are only buying from a trusted source. Read more about their customers’ experiences, check out their social media, and look at some of their reviews. Remember, reliability and security comes first. 

Support Options

The best provider will offer support. That extra step of ensuring that customers are enjoying their product speaks volumes about a proxy provider. No matter how good you are with proxies, there might be situations when you need help and there is no better help than the one coming from the proxy provider. 

Size of IP Pool 

Always look for a provider with a big IP pool. An excellent IP pool lowers the chances of IP blocking. It also allows you to carry out precise location targeting, such as city-level targeting. 


Don’t get frustrated by the slow connection. You can avoid spending your time by working with dedicated data center proxies as they are the fastest. 

With these tips, you can rest assured that you will get the best value for your money. Dedicated proxies offer the ultimate proxy experience.