How Do I Start My Career in IT Security Management?

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Career in IT Security Management. Working in the information security management industry is a long-term goal that is envisioned by many, who are involved in the information security and IT sectors. If you are passionate about information security management and have set the same target for yourself, then read this stepwise guide to blaze your own trail to this promising career.  

Step 1: Obtain an academic qualification

In order to work as an IT security manager for a multinational company, it is vital for you to earn a bachelor’s degree in IT security management. This is because most employers looking for information security professionals are inclined towards hiring candidates with a bachelor’s degree in either information security or IT-related discipline. In case you possess an unrelated degree and experience you can bridge the gap by pursuing a master’s degree in any field of IT.

Step 2: Gain work experience

The next step after having satisfied your educational requirements is to gain the necessary experience in the professional IT sector. Gaining relevant work experience is the shortest route to an effective and competent information security manager in a time to come. You may have just started out with your information security career or are trying to move on to holding the position of a cybersecurity analyst. No matter the field, you must expect to invest a few years before you reach the professional experience threshold.

Step 3: Hone relevant skills

There are certain hard skills that you may want to acquire before you get hired for the position of an IT security manager. The skills that are you are required to possess to establish yourself in the IT security management sector, include:

  • Information (or IT) security architecture;
  • Organizational architecture and strategic practices;
  • Network security architecture development;
  • Procedures related to firewall and intrusion prevention and detection;
  • Networking and IT environment security concepts.

Step 4: Get certified

In order to hammer down your information security manager career path firmly on professional grounds, you can choose to add up to your education and experience with certifications. Certifications can help distinguish your candidature for a position in the IT security management division, enabling you to demonstrate all the elements expected of an effective information security manager. A few of the information security certifications available are as follows:

  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM); 
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Once you have earned all of these elements and have acquired the requisite managerial skills needed, it is easier for you to conquer a major milestone in the information security career. But choosing an IT Security Management degree must be your first choice if you are hoping to be a strong candidate for an information security manager position. Send in your application now!