4 of the Best Emulators for Gaming and Other Uses

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Best Emulators for Gaming and Other Uses. Emulators are steadily getting a rise in usage rate the past few years. For that outside of the loop, emulators are programs that can emulate a computer system to act like another computer system. Most of the time, people use emulators so that they can play mobile games on their PCs. Some people also use emulators to try and test out apps before releasing them to the public.

Whatever the purpose, emulators are excellent tools to have. This fact is likely the reason why more people are now learning how to use emulators. There are tons of emulators out in the market. Some emulators can have a one-time price of about $2-30, while some offer yearly subscriptions at $100 or more. 

It may sound pricey at first, but there are free emulators available online. These emulators work just as well, albeit with a few features missing from paid versions. You just have to look hard enough to find these excellent programs. So are you thinking of using emulators? Here’s a list of emulators you can use for gaming and other purposes.


As mentioned earlier, emulators are often used for gaming. Believe it or not, there’s a growing number of people who are now migrating to their smartphones for their gaming needs. Games like World of Dragon Nest and Black Desert Online are fantastic games that everyone should try out. 

Although these games have desktop versions, mobile versions are more fun and have a ton of differences from the former. Another notable difference when playing on an emulator is the improved graphics of your games. BlueStacks, one of the best android emulators out there, can be a great emulator for all your gaming needs.

Android Studio’s Emulator

Another use for emulators is for testing and developing apps. Android Studio is the development console for Android. When a development tool comes out from the very system you’re emulating; you can be sure of its quality.

The Android Studio isn’t purely an emulator, to begin with. It’s a development tool that has a unique feature for developers and those willing to learn. The reason why Android Studio is such a useful tool is that it has its own emulator where people can test their apps and games. Setup can be ridiculously complicated for a regular jane or joe, which is why this tool is excellent for developers.

Remix OS Player

Even though the Remix OS Player isn’t in development right now, you can still count on this nifty emulator to do your tasks. If its user-friendliness you’re after, Remix OS Player is perfect for you. The emulator has native Google Play support and button mapping. The emulator also allows users full customization of signal strength, network type, battery, etc. 

Stability is one of the common issues that most users face when using an emulator. By using Remix OS Player, you’ll find that stability issues are rare. For software that hasn’t been updated, this emulator is relatively stable. Remix OS Player is based and running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Nox Player

Nox Player is another emulator that you should try out if you want to play mobile games on your PC. This emulator is one of the best when it comes to performance issues. Not only is it fast, but Nox Player also allows you to optimize games and completely redesign the Android device’s build.prop. 

Nox Player is also flexible when it comes to using external controllers. This feature means you don’t have to worry about using any type of controller when you’re gaming. Nox and BlueStacks truly are leading the way when it comes to emulating mobile games on your PC.


One of the best ways to enjoy apps and games is by using it on a PC. With an emulator, you can now enjoy mobile apps and games. Better graphics, stability, improved controls, and safety are just a few reasons why emulators are good to use. The emulators mentioned above are some of the best out there.