3 Popular Windows Password Cracking Tools For Windows 10 Computer

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It’s so usual to search for windows 10 password cracking tools online to access windows login of personal or professional computers or laptops. But after a hectic search, you’ll get confused about which method, software or technique you must follow. Without dragging much I would take you to the three most popular windows 10 password cracking tools which will help you out in no time without any stress. These tools are prominently designed with a simple user interface and enhanced logical inputs to help users widely. Here we’ve included the three most popular Windows 10 Password cracking tools to initiate users with the best supplementary methods. 

Method 1:Removing Windows 10 Password Via Kon Boot

Kon Boot is an application designed to bypass the Windows 10 authentication process through operating systems without overtaking the previous password as a guest user. In simple words, the user can get back to its user account even if he hardly remembers the windows login password of his device. It’s precise, fast and advances. But it comes with a lack of compatibility with many windows versions and frequent updates. 

Step 1: Download Kon Boot from its official linked website and then write it on a CD/USB. 

Step 2: Let boot the device with Kon boot CD/USB and select “Guest Account” or any user account. 

Step 3: Press Windows +R Key to open Run Command now type “cmd” in the command box to enter in the command prompt.

Step 4: Type the following commands in the window

Copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe cmk.exe

Step 5: Now confirms “whoami” command either as a guest user or authorized system user. (**If the whoami command result is “nt authority\system”, you are allowed to run further user command as “net user”) 

net user {admin} new password – resets the named admin password
net user /add {user} {password} – creates a new user with optional password

Step 6: Here the password is bypass through this program and user gets access to windows login and ability to set a new password for their account.

Method 2: Cracking Windows 10 Computer With Password Reset Software

If you’re still panic of cracking the password for windows 10 and worried about data loss then Windows 10 password Reset software is one trusted tool for cracking passwords for most of the windows versions. The software is designed with a user-friendly interface that allows users to crack Windows 10 password by burning the boot CD/DVD/USB drive to any locked computer /laptop. It is one of the reliable paid software that helps the user on a promising note to crack the login password for windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. 

Step 1: Download and install the Windows 10 password reset software on a computer.

Step 2: Now select the utility (CD/DVD/USB drive) you want to use as a password reset disk and press the “Burn” button to finish the process.

Step 3: Now insert the password reset disk to a locked computer running on windows10.Then press F12 key to open the BOOT SETUP UTILITY and select USB/DVD as the first boot device.

Step 4:Reboot the locked Windows 10 computer and select the user account that you want to reset the password, and the “Reset password” option and tap “Reboot” button.

Step 5:Next the computer will be rebooted to start windows 10 normally, the windows 10 are accessible.

Method 3: Resetting Windows 10 password by Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is a safe tool to access a user’s system login password without much stress. It works with a “chntpw” live CD or USB drive to replace your password with a new password to log in directly through the user account. 

Ensure to create a chntpw live CD or USB drive with the help of a working computer by downloading the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor program directly through its official link.

Step 1:  Switch on and insert the chntpw live CD/USB to a locked PC. Now let it boot via chntpw CD  

Step 2: Press “Enter” to go further in the Boot Prompt. Here a list of maximum windows partitions display. Now it will ask users with different options to select the registered windows you want to crack the password for. 

Step 3: Here User needs to “Type 1”  and “Enter” to go to windows User password stored in the SAM registry File to set a new password. 

Step 4: A chntpw Main Interactive Menu Screen will appear here with lists of commands.Type “1” and tap “Enter” to see the list of user accounts in the SAM database. Now Select the User account you need to set a password for. 

Step 5: Now type “ 3e9 ”  for the account you want to crack the password and press “Enter”.

Step 6: Now the user is asked to select an option displayed on the screen from “User Edit Menu”. 

Step 7: Type 1 and press Enter to clear the password and enable the user to reset it. Now Type “q” to quit from the chntpw screen. 

Step 8: Type “y” to enable “write the changes” and tap the “Enter” key.  

Step 9: Remove the chntpw live CD and reboot the device to start. The windows are accessible and ready to set a new login password. 


On a concluding note, all the above-described windows 10 password cracking tools are best in their assistance and helps the user in a more depictive way. We suggest users choose the paid version rather than waste time without any risk of data loss. Let us know if any queries occur regarding this article. We are humble to respond to your curiosities and positively answer them.