Be Smarter: 5 Strategy Games That Will Make Your Productivity Better

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5 Strategy Games That Will Make Your Productivity Better. We have been playing various strategy games before the existence of modernized technology. Board and card games are examples of games that require your strategic skills. These types of games already existed even before PCs. Now, in just a few clicks using our mobile devices, we can play different strategy games anytime and anywhere. Technology makes everything convenient and accessible. 

Playing strategic games is an effective way to test how creative we are and boosts our mental health. No wonder why this genre is one of the most played games you can download from Google Play Store and Apple Store. Check out these best strategy mobile games you should try now. 

Plague Inc.

This game blends the elements of ‘strategy’ and ‘post-apocalypse.’ It would help if you attempted to spread a lethal virus in the world’s population, selecting from among the 12 open forms. The main goal is to get as many people as possible infected. The game involves several diseases, each with its own disease plan, and the game is quite realistic. 

Through developing the disease and adapting to new conditions, you can switch from various game types and pathogens, and complete the goal provided by the game-mode. Plague Inc. is one of the best mobile games that is widely praised for it’s difficult, almost open-world style gaming in which the player can make the decisions instead of playing within a predefined plot.


Holedown requires your smartest strategy. The game is a frantic puzzle that is equipped with numerous challenges that need your brilliant ideas. You will encounter celestial bodies, including asteroids and the Sun. You will also have to collect crystals for upgrades, which give you more balls. Holedown is an easy game to play, but it still requires your full focus to solve the puzzle. This is a popular physics-based puzzle that will surely become your newest obsession. Get it for only $4 at Google Play Store.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale comes from the makers of the much-loved and wildly-popular Battle of Clans. Fight human enemies in real-time through frenzied card-based combat where you have to knock down Crown Towers from the enemy while protecting your own. You’ll need to know the strengths and limitations of all the various cards to be effective in Clash Royale, and use them reasonably during combat. 

Play the wrong card at the wrong moment, but be careful and be patient. The more you play and collect more trophies, the more cards you receive. You can go through in-app transactions that will give you a little of an advantage, but they aren’t necessary because you’ll eventually suit your opponents at your ability level.

The Battle for Polytopia

If you are a Civilization franchise follower, clearly check out The Battle for Polytopia. This indie game features polygon tribes fighting for battle-arena control. The game features basic turn-based gameplay that is quick and easy to play and pick up. Each turn, you earn stars depending on the number and scale of the cities you run, which you can spend on improving the technology tree of your tribe, creating troops, or collecting resources. You have to be careful about how you’re investing your money and moving the forces in exchange.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the popular handheld MOBAs of all time. It’s also the most common, in terms of sheer download numbers. The game features five vs. five battles, simple controls, match lengths of 10 minutes, and more. The definition of Google Play promises ten-second waiting times to suit. That is a little exaggerated. All the rest is, though, top class. It is undoubtedly one of the best MOBAs right up there.


These games also allow players to make resource management, spending, and resource usage decisions close to those taken in the industry. This reflective essence of the tasks enables particular abilities to be developed in real life. People would do that in real life by interacting in the virtual universe because they will have a common interest. This may play a critical role in improving teamwork.



Strategy games relieve tension. Employees will center their attention on something besides the work by playing for brief intervals during the day. This dramatically reduces depression and increases productivity. Strategy games will help you maximize productivity, so don’t neglect them! Who would say no to a trusted device and offer beneficial effects?