Download Guide: Downloading Videos From Youtube

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Watching different kinds of videos can entertain many people. And sometimes, it is a hobby for individuals who are bored or have nothing to do. Youtube is also one of the popular video streaming platforms that people use to watch the videos that they want. While there are times that people can’t connect to the internet, there are also ways to enjoy watching videos even if you are offline. There are many ways to download youtube videos step by step, but this article will show you some techniques.

Downloading YouTube Videos Using Websites

VideoSolo Online Video Downloader

It is a tool that is web-based and can offer a tremendous downloading experience with zero cost. Since this tool is web-based, downloading of any software is not required. With that, users can avoid any infectious virus that they might encounter. So follow these steps in downloading Youtube videos using this tool.

  1. Proceed to Youtube and copy the link address of the video that you want. Visit the webpage of that video that needs to be downloaded. Select or highlight the URL from its address bar and select the “Ctrl+C” button to copy the video’s link.
  2. Paste the copied link address on the URL Video Input. Then launch the webpage of the downloader. After doing that, enter the video link on its input box and press “Start.”
  3. Choose the format of the output that you want. After clicking the setup, you’ll see the options for the video outputs. You’ll also see Video Download, Audio Download, Video Only, and even the Subtitles.
  4. Pick your chosen video format and then press “Download” that you will find in the corner right.

If the download options don’t appear immediately, you need to right-press your video and select the “Save as” button. You can also pick where you want your video to be saved and then press “Save” or “Okay.”


KeepVid is among the best downloaders of online videos that you can use today. KeepVid is also a fully-featured video downloading Application. Also, you can do a lot of things with your collection of online videos. KeepVid can help you download the selection that you want and store them in your hard drive. That way, users can play videos even if they don’t have access to the internet. If you are wondering How to create a YouTube Channel then this guide is helpful for you.

Additionally, there are options to choose from when you download videos. Videos can be downloaded in 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p resolution, but it will always depend on your preference. Moreover, there is a possibility that users can download some movies with subtitles, not having to download them separately. So here’s how to download videos from Youtube.

  1. Visit Youtube and find the video that you want to download.
  2. Select “Share” below the video and copy its link.
  3. Open a different window tab and enter
  4. Paste the URL to the text box for download. After finishing the conversion process, press the Max 720p.
  5. Press download and then save your video.


Now that you know some ways on how to download your favorite videos on Youtube, you might want to start putting a list of videos that you’ll download. It is perfect because even if you are not connected to the internet, you can still enjoy watching those on your devices.