What is WebM? Difference Between WebM and MP4

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In 2010, Google introduced a new file format for multimedia. WebM is the video format for the web, which is used for HD movies, video calls, live streaming, or any kind of video you watch on the web. Additionally, WebM is an open-source project that anybody can work on. 

As WebM is centered on the Matroska container, it offers exceptional support of amazing video quality. WebM format is created for the web with a combination of HTML5, VP8, and VP9 video codecs, and the video streaming of this format is compressed.

This file container was developed to provide no-cost high-quality video technology that anybody can use and improve. WebM format gives outstanding video quality, and these videos in this format can play easily on the machines which have low technical characteristics. So it aims to solve two major problems; first, there was no modern, high-quality video format for the open web that doesn’t require a hefty fee to use, and second, video technology used on the web was not efficiently designed for the web. It was designed for traditional broadcast uses like cable TV and DVDs.

How to use a WebM file player?

WebM is supported by some of the major web browsers like Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla, internet explorer browsers. An additional plugin is required in Microsoft edge. iPhone and iPad users may have to put extra effort as they require to install extra software on their devices to play the video format.

VLC player is the most beloved software for playing WebM files. Kodi and Winamp are capable of playing WebM files. One of the most frequently asked questions is that WebM files can be uploaded on youtube or not? So, the answer is yes. WebM file can be uploaded on Youtube.

WebM files are popularly used for extending online videos via the HTML5 <video> tag. This container is centered on the Matroska container that stores Matroska video under the name. MKV files. Typically all commonly used Web browsers tend to offer compatibility with WebM within their HTML5 video delivery.

What is MP4?

MP4 is MPEG-4 PART 14. The mp4 edge over other formats is its capability of handling text images, digital videos along with the digital audio files. In 2002, MP4 was introduced for public use. MP4 is a media container format storing video, audio, and subtitles. It is suitable for video streaming and for playing on different devices. It is evident that Apple was the reason behind MP4 popularity. MP4 is a popular digital multimedia container format, which is primarily used to save audio as well as video. However, it can be used to store other forms of data as well-liked subtitles, still images, etc. 

How to use MP4 Players?

MP4 is supported almost by all web browsers and Android and Apple users. To connect your computer with mp4, plug the USB cable into your computer and plug the other end to your media player. Once the mp4 player is connected, the computer will immediately detect the connection. Double click on the computer and double click on the icon USB drive. To open the music folder, you need to double click it. Click the file and then the new window. Navigate to a new window to the folder where your music is stored just click and drag the music file you want to add to your MP4 player.

WebM Vs MP4

Mp4 is in use for many years while WebM is a recent development. So, it means that the older codec or format has become a standard. There are only a few applications that do not support MP4.

One of the major differences among the two is codecs used in MP4 uses AVC MPEG-4, and H.624 video codecs whereas WebM use V8a and V9 video codec.

Both file formats provide almost similar compression, so there are no significant differences between the file size of both the formats. However, the file size of WebM tends to be a bit smaller than MP4. On the basis of compatibility and usage, MP4 is better than WebM because neither Apple nor Microsoft has indicated until now that they will use WebM in their mobile phones or operating system. MP4 is extensively compatible with Apple and Android users.

MP4 is supported by almost all web browsers and media players while WebM is supported by Mozilla Firefox 4, opera and Google, Internet Explorer, and limited media player support.

WebM is basically constructed for Internet streaming, and MP4 is built to copy, move files and easily upload to websites.

How to convert WebM into MP4?

With the emergence of technology, converting one format to another has become convenient without wasting much time. According to your requirement and desire, you can convert video either offline or online. Here are some simple steps to convert a video from webM into MP4.

  1. Go to the homepage: Once you have downloaded and installed the software, launch it and you will land on the homepage
  2. Select the file: There will be an option to select the file which you want to convert. You just need to click on the button to select the file.
  3. Pick the format: Once you select the desired file, a wide range of options will appear to choose the format. You just need to click on MP4 to convert your file into an mp4 file format.
  4. Download the video: After selecting your video and converting it into mp4, you can download your video by clicking on the download option.

Final Thoughts

Both WebM and mp4 have amazing video quality, and their features make it difficult to choose among them. Therefore choosing between the two formats primarily depends on your preference. These video formats will make your video experience better. Depending upon your taste and targeting audience, you can choose if you want to have a royalty-free and modern file format you can go for WebM, and if you want the world to see your video content unconcerned of their network, devices they use, or processing power; then you can opt for mp4.