Ways to Do A Reliability check for Softphones and Traditional phones

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If you have been on the fence for a while searching about a phone over internet systems, you must have come across the term softphone. about business phone systems, you must have come across the term softphone. You must have already asked yourself about it and probably have done some research on your part as well on how it differs from an ordinary phone.

Softphone application is a remarkable addition to the VoIP services. Just like a softcopy of a book – that runs in a computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, a softphone is software within your laptop or a computer that acts like any regular physical phone. It removes the need for a handset or wires and allows you to make and receive calls – manage all the contacts within your computer. In order to hold the conversations, all you need is to connect a headgear and a microphone with your computer or laptop. And here you are, ready to talk anywhere in the world!

Why softphones – instead of traditional phones?

  • No requirement for additional hardware
  • No cost of infrastructure and other apparatus
  • Flexibility and call management options
  • An option to use your business phone inside or outside the business premises.

Most likely, the business VoIP providers have their softphone application which comes with the services that you take from them. The right selection of the softphone is the key to solving many phone-related problems. The priority would be to go for a VoIP company rather than the standalone softphone applications because of their more excellent reliability. 

You must be wondering about the features a Softphone may offer you.

Firstly, the interface is so easy to use that there is no sort of confusion or complication to use it. Softphones are made entirely user-friendly, allowing you a high degree of customization suitable for your business requirements. A softphone has all essential features like call holding, transferring, call mute, saving contact and online messaging features. It also keeps a history of calls made or received. Hence, it acts like any ordinary phone except for the fact that it resides inside the computer or laptop and needs an internet connection to operate.

A wonderful addition to all these features is it being the cost saver!

A number of options are available ranging in different prices. However, even the highest-priced VoIP supported softphone saves you upto 50% monthly costs.

If you are still on the crossroad, maybe a little more probing into softphone benefits can help you cross it. There are quite a large number of reasons that have made way for increasing the popularity of softphones in masses. It has become a customer choice because of the advantages it imparts to a business. The only limitation in the use of a softphone is the fact that it can not work without the internet connection. Therefore, you have to monitor carefully that your IP does not face a downfall.

Equipment-free Solution

Softphones are reliable in a way that they do not require much hardware installation or the cost of it. There is no need for a desk phone that makes you sit with it as long as you are on the call. The copper wiring that included a lot of hassle in terms of installation and maintenance is no longer required.

Calling and Conferencing

Just like a physical phone which allows you to install different applications for audio and video conferencing, softphones are also promising the same features. You can send or receive instant messages as well. Another advantage is that it offers auto recording, whatever you talk about is saved as it is in your system without you having to put any effort.

Remote access to business phone

Being able to have full control of your business phone even when you are away from the office is the most fantastic thing. You can install the application and log into it anywhere and whenever you want. Also if you are at the other side of the world, you have an internet connection – you download the program – sign in and here you are – BACK IN BUSINESS!

Upfront costs

Softphones are the most budget-friendly business solution as far as communication queries are concerned. For a physical phone, you need to buy as many desk phones as are the members of your team. However, in the case of VoIP or softphones, you only need to give internet access to their computers or laptops.
Many different VoIP providers are working day and night, which offer softphones with their services. Some of the important names in this context are RingCentral, Xinix, 8×8, etc. The providers provide customized plans which you can look into and choose according to your requirements.