How WordPress Plugins Are Coming Together For Greater Efficiency & Productivity

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When it comes to WordPress plugins, they are a crucial part of the WordPress ecosystem. Without WordPress plugins, it is difficult to build a great website.

As your website is the first line of communication between your business and your audience. It should be such that a user enjoys visiting your site. To make such a thing possible, you are required to add new features and functionality to your WordPress website. You need to add various plugins to enhance the user experience. You need to add WordPress push notifications to make your users feel special.

If you are using your website for eCommerce, you are required to add WooCommerce push notifications. It will give your user a new experience.

You must be wondering about how “WordPress plugins” can do it all? Well, to make it easy for you let us discuss, how WordPress plugins are coming together for greater efficiency & productivity?

  1. Beehive: When it comes to tracking visitors, the “Beehive” plugin stands apart. It let you know how and when users visit your site. It works in collaboration with the Google Analytics tool and brings you the required information on your admin dashboard.

It let you track visits, page views, bounce rate, referrers, duration, etc. It also helps you track your site’s demographics and statistics.

Beehive plugin
  1. Broken link checker: There are many instances when you have got broken links. They may be lurking somewhere inside your WordPress website. To find them out, you need to add a “Broken link checker” plugin. This plugin makes it easy for you to find the broken link. It performs a quick search operation and tells you where they are, thus making it easier for you to proceed with a repair process.
Broken link checker plugin
  1. Images play a crucial role in enhancing the visibility of your website. They are a source of attracting visitors. But when you use a lot of images on your posts and pages, you need to spend a lot of time resizing and optimizing images. As a result, it takes a lot of time and effort.

To prevent this you can use the “” plugin. It strips meta-data from JPEGs, optimizes compression, also converts GIFs to PNGs, etc. It also strips unused colors from indexed images thus prevents you from getting frustrated. plugin
  1. Hummingbird: Google recommends that your site should load within 2 seconds. It will allow visitors to focus on what they are looking for, without involving in any frustration. Usually, a visitor waits for about 7-8 seconds for your site to load. If your site can’t load within this time period, the probability is higher that you will lose a visitor.

To prevent this you can use the “Hummingbird” plugin. Hummingbird performs caching for your site. It scans your site and then provides you with an analysis. You can use this analysis to see the overall score of your site’s speed. Thus you can easily fix some issues. Not only this, but Hummingbird also minifies, merges, and performs compression to boost the speed of your site.

Hummingbird plugin
  1. Jetpack: When it comes to performance and site management there is no match to the “Jetpack” plugin. It comes with powerful features that enhance security, improves performance, and provides you with enough tools to manage your site.

It also provides you with spam-free comments, social sharing, related posts, posts by Email, and so on. Not only this, but it also provides you with lightweight and responsive mobile themes.

Jetpack plugin
  1. Google XML Sitemaps: If you are looking for a plugin that can help search engines better index your blog, Google XML Sitemaps is the one. It allows web crawlers to see the structure of your website. Thus retrieve results rapidly and efficiently.

It means every time you create a post about new content, Google, Bing, and Yahoo will be notified automatically.

Google XML Sitemaps plugin
  1. SmartCrawl: Your website can’t bring you the desired profit until you improve your SEO rankings. To improve rankings you are required to use plugins like “SmartCrawl”.

It creates a sitemap, customizes the appearance of titles and descriptions on search engines, adds automated keywords linking. It informs web crawlers whenever you have some important content to register, thus increases your site’s visibility.

SmartCrawl plugin

Conclusion: When it comes to adding new features and functionality to a website, WordPress plugins come to mind. WordPress plugins help to increase both the productivity and efficiency of your website. They give your users a new experience every time they visit your site. How they do it, is presented to you.

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