Managing Your PDF Files: 3 Best Converters That You Need to Us

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Managing Your PDF Files: 3 Best Converters That You Need to Us. Managing their PDFs is a hard task for many people, especially if you don’t have any idea where and what tools to use. PDF is an important file format because all of the platforms recognize and read it. If you’re searching for the right tools capable of converting your PDF files into other formats, you’re in the perfect place. With this article, you will know what the best converters to use in handling your PDFs are. So here’s a list of the best converters that you need to use today.


PDF Bear is another online tool that will allow you to manage your PDF files. This site can make your life easier, and you can use its Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, HTML to PDF, and JPG to PDF converter without any complications and difficulties. Besides those things, you can also convert your PDFs into Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, or JPG. If you don’t have any clue about this platform, you can easily use its converter because the steps in converting your files are not confusing and easy to perform.

Besides that converter, you can also compress, merge, split, delete PDF pages, unlock, repair, secure, and even rotate your PDF files. This platform is beneficial for anyone, and they can use it at zero cost. It can also support platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and operating systems in your mobile like iOS and Android.

If you’re not sure about your uploaded files’ privacy or security, there’s no need to worry about it because this website is secure and safe to use. After uploading your data to its system, your data will be removed immediately after 60 minutes. PDF Bear is also online-based; that’s why users can still use it whenever or wherever from their PC, laptop, mobile device, or tablet.


With Convertio, you can convert your PDF files to Word, PNG, RTFD, JPG, HTML, EPUB, PPT, and many more. This online-based converter is quite simple, quick, and precise to use. Convertio’s converters are divided into partial PDF or a different batch mode. The conversion process will depend on what the user wants to achieve. 

This platform is also allowed to convert PDF files that are encrypted, and after the process, the quality will not be compromised. Another advantage when using Convertio is that it can process and convert even a 200-page PDFs to different formats in seconds.


Go4Convert is an online-based converter that can help its users convert their PDF files to EPUB. Besides turning your PDFs, this website can convert multiple formats like MOBI, HTML, Text, and Word to EPUB. Like Convertio, users can only convert one file per batch since it’s not capable of converting multiple files simultaneously.

When you convert your files, Go4Convert ensures that all the layout, hyperlinks, graphics, columns, tables, and texts of the imported file is preserved. Users can also have an output of a standard eBook format, which makes it handy for many e-Readers.


The converters on the list are helpful tools if you always handle and encounter PDF files every day. When choosing the best converter, please make sure that it’s safe to use, reliable, fast, and won’t compromise your files’ quality. Just like PDF Bear, it should be free to use, and the features are easy to use. From the platforms listed in the article, PDF Bear is the most recommended site for you to handle your PDF files.