Reasons You Should be Using jQuery

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For all the professionals, either fresher’s or experienced in the field of web development, jQuery is a massive blessing. This is a JavaScript library the makes the programming easy with the help of JavaScript by proffering simple as well as easily used condensed syntax. Through the jQuery plugins, the designer gets an excellent deal of power as well as flexibility. 

This technique of web designing fills the gap of interactions between JavaScript code and HTML elements. Here, we have some engenders of which you need to aware and then, analyze the importance of this technique. 

It promotes simplicity

It has been found by the expert developers that the jQuery is intuitive as well as easy to learn due to the library that consists of shorter and simpler codes. Through these simple syntax and open coding standards, it decreases the time that an app takes to deploy. To add on, the web developers need not be experts in programming to create some great styles for the websites. 


The primary jQuery has been formed to be kept congested and focused, and it eliminates all unnecessary features. But the plugin framework is available that makes it easy for web developers to extend jQuery image slider plugins. Now, it has become effortless for the programmers to use the official jQuery plugins as well as other thousands of plugins available with the third-party plugins. It indicates that the website can download the essential features that are required. 

Integrates with the Visual Studio IDE

You can update, add, or update the libraries and tools in the visual studio projects that are used in the .Net Framework. The Visual StudioExtension used is NuGet that has been here for years and it is trusted for web developers to exchange as well as develop packages for Microsoft Visual Studio. 2010 version of VS supports integration with the jQuery library through the ManageNuGet Packages dialog box.

Quick Page loading 

Page loading time is used by Google and other search engines that is a vital factor that affects search engine Optimization. Thus, web developers make sure that the coding is light and concise as possible. These jQuery files are stored distinctly from the web pages. This allows the developers to make modifications to the entire website with the usage of a single centralized repository rather than searching through countless structures of folders. 


jQuery has already become popular among developers as well as programmers due to the ease of use and simplicity it provides. You can get lots of information as well as resources about jQuery on the web. With the help of this web development technique, there is no lack of resources and you can find whatever you need and get all the questions answered while working with the popular language. 

SEO friendly 

Maybe you have a very impressive website but is it worth that you sacrifice the style for SEO? The way of coding that has been used to develop your website affects how it will be shown in Google, Explorer, Bing, and other search engines. As we know, jQuery can also be optimized for SEO and there are a plethora of plugins available to help web developers in this task. 

If you embed your jQuery components through the unordered lists, then it is considered as a best SEO practice as the Unorderedlist is a classic tag of HTML that has been around for a long time. In addition to this, the highlighted advantage of a blend of HTML5 with jQuery is the animations that can be loaded along with keywords and can be easily crawled by search engines. 

Recap: Why you should use jQuery?

Here are some quick reasons behind the usage of jQuery in the next project of website development. Let us take a peek at these below. 

  • The pricing is too good and the jQuery library is available at zero cost. 
  • It is light as it pushes the content to the client and decreases the wait time for server response. It works smoothly and low at errors. It is smaller than the flash. 
  • It is flexible to work anywhere. It can be easily used on any device such as browser, tablet, mobile phone, and Apple devices.
  • This is not rocket science as the developer with the JavaScript knowledge can easily learn jQuery promptly. 
  • It is SEO-friendly and helps the website to appear on the search engine too quickly. 

Final Words: jQuery

jQuery website development technique has become popular and highly recommended by top-notch search engines and browsers too. It is simple, easy to use, and a quick tool that will allow you to code the website in a better way with no need for upfront investment years.