How Do I Recover Data if Synology Volume Crashed?

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Synology volume crashes when there is an unforeseen power lapse during a running data writing process on the device. This means that a good number of hard drives in the NAS have gone offline, interrupting the storage process of the data. The inconsistent data writing leads to loss of the data, which is impossible to recover without the help of professional services.

In most of the NAS drives, it only takes a single hard drive to go offline to result in a volume crash. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the hard drive is broken. But it is just a hiccup of service in any one of the hard drives.

However, if all the disks turn out to be healthy upon reboot, the data on the drive still remains inaccessible.

What to Do After A Synology Volume Crash?

As typical as it may sound, the initial stage of fixing volume crash is very easy. If the interruption is due to sudden and accidental removal of a drive, then you can simply put it back to complete the circuit. After that, restart the system and the Synology volume is ready to use again. Once the issue is resolved, you can end the process with data scrubbing and backing it up.

What If the Issue Still Remains Unresolved?

If the data still remains inaccessible, the right thing to do is to contact Stellar for Synology Data Recovery Service. They can recover up to 100% data from crashed Synology NAS drives of all kinds by using their world class tools and advanced technology. They offer quick and safe recovery of data. Experts at Stellar can recover data from Synology NAS drives, irrespective of the operating system, make, and configuration, making Stellar an all-in-one comprehensive data recovery service provider. They have expertise in recovery data from NAS storages such as HDD, SSD, and hard disk interface (SATA, PATA, SAS, or SCSI), etc.

What Are the Different Types Of Damages Tackled By Stellar?

There are two types of Synology data recovery which could be required in the situation of data loss. These are:

Physical Damage:

  • Power Failure: One of the major reasons for Synology volume crash is sudden power failure which interrupts the access to the data.
  • Defective NAS Controllers: If there are defective NAS Controllers, they can create errors while the data is being reformatted, rebuilt or reconfigured, leading to data loss.
  • Mechanical Failure: Mechanical failure could be any damage occurring inside the hardware system of the storage device such as PCB failure, firmware issues, etc.
  • Overheating: The biggest enemy of the storage devices is overheating, which is the result of inadequate cooling. Once overheated, the elements of the hardware start to expand and touch each other, resulting in short circuits.
  • Human Errors: Human errors include mishandling of the storage device, accidental formatting/overwriting, etc.
  • Natural Disasters: Water, fire, contamination, pollution and many more things are capable of damaging the storage device, leading to data loss.

Logical Damage:

  • Overwriting: Accident overwriting on the existing data is a huge problem which leads to the loss of the data stored in the device.
  • Power Surge: Power surges can damage the storage device and the data stored in it.
  • Failure: Failure of RAID rebuilding or hard disk drive in the array leads to incorrect storage of the data, which may lead to some data loss during the process.
  • Deletion: Accidental deletion of data from the storage devices.
  • Errors: Snapshot and Data Management errors are a few errors which show up to announce data loss.


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