Family Time – The Best Parental Control App Available In the Market

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Created by a team of experts, FamilyTime is the best parental control application accessible in the market. It is not a spy application, but a parental connection that stimulates dialogue about safety and responsibility on the internet among family members. The application was made to let the child and adolescent know about its installation, thus providing a healthy environment of honesty and exchange of information.

The FamilyTime was not made for parents who believe in prohibition, but for those who understand that children need guidance, well – defined rules, and parents always present.

The internal messaging system allows communication between parents and children, even if the device is locked. And it is also available for Android and iOS devices.

See what else the FamilyTime – best parental control app offers:

  • Check contacts and communication history: The app allows parents to see all the connections their kids have saved in their contacts book. With this, they can also monitor their call logs, check their complete SMS history, and Watchlist suspicious contacts to keep an eye on their conversations. 
  • View browsing history: The Internet is a vast place with a variety of content available on it. To see what do they browser for, the FamilyTime app enables parents to have a look at the complete browsing history of their kids. Viewing the web history, can see the URLs of the site they visit, the time they spend on these sites, and the category these sites belong to.
  • Web Control: The app normally blocks preset sites by categories, such as adult websites or with offensive content, based on the category of the child. You can also add additional types of websites.
  • Web Filters: Parents can add specific topics or keywords to the block list, so no site containing those words or information related to those topics appear in their search results.
  • Establishing usage routine: children can have daily or weekly time to use cell phones and tablets previously stipulated, encouraging them to use their time responsibly and plan their own routine;
  • Manage screen time: parents can limit the number of hours they use cell phones and tablets for each day of the week;
  • Generating usage reports: Find out how long and what applications your child uses the most and better understand their online habits;
  • Blocking applications: With the usage report in hand, parents can block specific applications that are being overused or that are disrupting studies and other routines;
  • Location tracking: Know your children’s location in real-time. The tool is essential in times of violence and insecurity on the streets.
  • Geofencing place: With FamilyTime, parents can mark virtual fences around specific areas that their kids visit regularly or more often.
  • Teen safe drive: The app allows parents to set a speed limit for their kids’ safe drive.
  • Receive alerts: The app sends parents alerts in many situations, including when the child exceeds the set speed limit, when he enters of exists geo-fenced places when it is time to pick them up, or when there is an emergency.
  • Phone Lock: With one touch, you can lock all phones and tablets connected to the app. The function encourages users to leave the screens and pay their full attention to the tasks they are performing. Be it completing their homework, finishing their meal, or take a nap, etc. 

And the list of FamilyTime features goes on and on. Do you wish to see how does the app work and what benefits it can provide you in real life? Give the app a free try. You can get the trial version of the app from the app store on your phone. 

The FamilyTime app is undoubtedly the best ally for parents. So, instead of prohibitions, how about taking advantage of the virtual space to teach about limits, security and create a chain of trust between loved ones? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!