Is Someone Grooming Your Child Online?

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Gone are the days when the sexual predators used to catch the students on their way back home. Such people made the kids their friends and used different tricks to get their private photos or videos. With the technology era, such grooming has also become online, and sexual individuals are also known as online predators. Such individuals do not reveal the age and the predators now earn kids’ confidence with buttering. Later, they cause sexual harm to the kids and blackmail them. Parents need to know how these groomers work and what safety practices parents should implement.

There are different ways that groomers use to access children, including social media apps, IMs, online games, forums, etc. Such groomers learn the trending online stuff that they use to build a friendship with children by sharing such common interests. They know that sharing kid’s interest material, including music, online video, etc. will make a strong connection between the victims and groomers. 

Here, we have come with the analysis of online predators’ tricks and how to check if someone is grooming your child (installing android spy app). 

The Most Common Tricks Groomers Use

The first thing the online predators use is to build friendships and judge the interests of the child. When they share common interests with the kids, it makes the children share their insecurities and personal data. Most online groomers buy teens and kids presents and use this trick to meet them. They often make sex jokes to eliminate the negative responses from the victims. When they successfully earn the child’s confidence, then they ask them to share the phone number, address, school name, etc. They often go to meet the victims and take them outside to visit different places. If a child says no to the predators, they blackmail them with their personal photos and video. It makes them do illegal activities.

Signs – To Confirm If Your Child is Being Groomed:

It might be possible that your child is suffering from online predating, and now, suffering from its consequences. The following points will give you a hint if your kid is suffering from online grooming. 

1 – Kids learn different slangs and speak differently.

2 – They have expensive products or accessories that you didn’t buy for them.

3 – They check their mobile notifications more than usual time.

4 – Don’t go with their real-life friends or with loved ones on an outing. 

5 – They hide the screen when parents or siblings come near to the victim.

6 – They begin to stay away from the family.

7 – Lack of communication also reflects the anxiety and stress symptoms. 

8 – They suddenly change their dress sense and wear revealing shirts or pants. 

Parents should let the kids know what online groomers are and how they should react against random messages. Our children should not join chat rooms or inappropriate apps because these are the most popular ways the predators use. 

Only educating the children is not enough until you monitor their phones or online activities. We often set the rules, but kids do not follow them. We must ensure how they act on online platforms. 

Android Spy App – A Possible Way to Minimize Online Groomers Exposure 

Sexual predators groom children online, and they use the social media platform and chat rooms. Parents should use android spy app to monitor their social media activities and chat rooms. Parents must physically access the target mobile for once. Such spy apps work stealthily in the background and end the data to the end-server using a stable internet connection. What can the end-user monitor?

1 – Monitor WhatsApp

2 – Read Text Messages & IMs

3 – Hack the Contacts

4 – Block the inappropriate content

5 – Content Filters

6 – Social Media Profile Access

7 – Email Monitoring 

8 – Live-Location Tracking

And Many More!

Final Thoughts 

No one wants their kids to be groomed online or get harmed by such sexual predators. For their safety, parents should educate the kids about online grooming before they experience such activities and increased rate of sexting among teens. We should also monitor kids’ online activities by using android spy app because they often neglect the rules and respond to random messages on social media platforms. They often join chat rooms where groomers catch the victim without wasting time.