Amazing Online Tools of GogoPDF That You’ll Surely Need for Your PDF Files

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PDF is a universal file format that you can use for different electronic files. You can have a PDF copy of your resumé and application letter to apply for a job. If you’re a business owner, you can also create spreadsheets in PDF for any business-related files, such as accounting documents, inventory reports, and even brochures and catalogs to present the services and products you offer. 

PDF will let you do so many exciting things with your electronic files. It’s a stable, fixed, and portable file format convenient to use and organize on your smartphone or computer. However, if you have tons of PDFs in your file storage, you might find it a little bit challenging to manage them effectively. Don’t worry because GogoPDF is now available online that will help you with your files. 

GogoPDF is a website that allows you to use its various online tools that’s 100% free and safe. Here are the essential details of these tools that will surely help manage and organize all of your PDF files in a stress-free way. 

Online PDF Merger

If you deal with tons of PDF files for whatever reason, you’ll need a tool to help you employ an effective organization method. That’s why you have to use the PDF merger tool of GogoPDF. The tool will let you merge PDF files into one PDF document. It means you can combine multiple PDFs and save them in one file. 

It’s a useful organization method because you can simply merge files that you usually use for the same purpose. You may unify PDFs that will help you accomplish the same tasks. You can even use your own idea of file categorization by grouping these PDFs in a way that you can easily retrieve one whenever needed. 

Hence, the next time you’ll be needing a particular PDF document, you would know what folder and file to check and look for it. That will definitely save so much effort and time. 

Online PDF Converter

Another GogoPDF online tool that you’ll surely need for your PDF files is its file conversion tool. The tool will help you convert whatever file you have to other file formats you want. You can use its Word to PDF converter tool if you want a PDF copy of your Word documents. The same thing goes with your PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets. You can also convert them to a PDF format. 

You can visit the actual website of GogoPDF to see other files you can convert to other formats. The conversion process is easy that will only take a few minutes but will sometimes take longer, depending on the number of files you’re converting. That’s the easiest way to convert your files using GogoPDF.

PDF Splitting Tool

If you’ve been using PDFs for a long time, you may have noticed that some details and information these files contain are out of date or need to be completely removed. However, since PDFs are in a fixed and stable format,  you can’t simply delete these pages easily. Don’t worry because GogoPDF has an online PDF splitting tool to help you solve your problem. 

The tool will allow you to either split the PDF file into separate pages or take out particular pages you no longer need. It won’t take much of your time. You only need to spend a few minutes, and it gets done. That’s the most convenient way of deleting some PDF pages from your files using GogoPDF. 


It isn’t easy to deal with so many PDF files on your smartphone or computer. However, these various tools will surely help employ effective file management for your files. Aside from the list above, GogoPDF offers you more online tools for free that you can check on its official website. Hence, if you’ll be looking for an online tool for your PDF files in the future, always remember to visit GogoPDF.