Best Mobile App Developers Who Provide Best Services in Singapore

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Everyone is using mobile apps as per their requirement. The mobile apps are not limited to apparels shopping but it has also enlarged its utilization in grocery, cab booking, and education. Now everyone wants to benefit from their comfort zone. Nobody wants to step outside especially during a pandemic outbreak. 

This has increased the huge demand for mobile app development all over the world. But for fulfilling the demand of users, we have to develop apps from the best mobile app development Singapore. These apps not only provide satisfaction but usability. Your apps should be user friendly and problem-solving.

While going through your app, you have to provide different options that users can navigate easily. So all these features cannot come by themselves. You have to research a lot before choosing any app development company in Singapore. The people of Singapore might be different from other nations. Learn important things to know before building your small website or app. So in this article, we will go through the various mobile developers in Singapore.

Some Best Mobile App Developers In Singapore

  1. Oasis Web Asia

The Oasis Web Asia is based in Singapore for its hosting services to all kinds of businesses. Apart from this, it provides a Content management system, e-commerce, website development, app development, and web design services. 

  1. Massive infinity

Massive infinity is established by a group of app developers in 2011. It provides you the best app development services. The services it provides are Blockchain, e-commerce, Game app development, VR/AR development, web development, etc.

  1. Codigo

The Codigo is specialized in UI/UX development. They also provide services like game app development, backend systems, website development, mobile app development, iOS, and Android developers, etc.

  1. Rainmaker Labs

Rainmaker labs have been the best company for retail and large corporates. The KPMG has been acquired Rainmaker Labs sometimes ago. It has its robust team which provides marketing campaign solutions. 

  1. Vinova

As per Yahoo, Vilanova is the best app development company in Singapore so far. It has provided A+ services to small businesses and large businesses. Some years ago, it was just like a start-up but their best services made them the no 1.

  1. Robust Tech House

It has founded in 2014 with a group of developers. They are known as an excellent fintech, mobile e-commerce, e-commerce, and app development company in Singapore. Services they provide are web development, blockchain, chatbot development, mobile app development, etc.

  1. Swag Soft 

It has become the topmost app developer company in Singapore in a 2018 survey. It has provided client servicing to most influential companies like Toyota, Air Force, BMW, etc. They provide both iOS and Android app development services in a comprehensive manner. 

  1. Square Fresco

This is an app development company in Singapore proving a wide variety of digital services. It has founded in 2011. They have an in-depth understanding of industries. They will provide you the best app development services. 

  1. BuuuK

Several years ago, BuuuK has undergone an app development process and has become the best app development company in Singapore. They provide both iOS and Android app development. 

  1. HokuApps

Hokuapps is also a Singapore based app developed company. They provide rapid app platforms, mobile application development platforms, digital services, low code, business process management, etc.


Choosing an app development company is quirky. Every company provides the best services at their own experience. Most companies meet the same requirement. So before choosing an app development company, research a lot so that you get an idea about their specialization. We have discussed 10 app development companies and their core functions. 

Now you can read their specializations and decide which one suits your business. The companies provide different services but their motive is the same: client servicing. So do not worry about a bad experience, they will take care of it. You have to decide on your app development company as per your business requirement. Hoe you are getting the point. Thank you for reading the article.