How to Make a Free Youtube Intro without a Watermark?

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The intro clips on your Youtube videos serve as a great way to show what your channel is all about. This 5 to 20-second clip at the start of every video reflects your brand’s character and personality. Though this clip is very short, it has the power to grab your audience’s elusive attention. With the right content in your intro, you can pique their curiosity, keep them watching, and ensure they take a peek at the other videos in your channel. With a Youtube Intro Maker like, you can craft a stunning clip without any watermarks. 

Unfortunately, other digital companies let you use their tools for a fee or with a catch. Though some give your free access to their intro maker, your videos come with a digital maker’s distracting watermark. As such, this annoying watermark can take your viewer’s attention away from your content. With a tool like, you can create a stunning Youtube intro that leaves your viewers coming back for more. With this digital solution, you can customize your clips as much as you like without the hassle. You can dispense paying a video-graphic editor and make one yourself in a matter of minutes. Here’s how you can get this done!

Quick Steps to Follow to Make a Super Cool Intro

If you want to create a Youtube intro video for your videos, you need an intro maker like This digital tool makes your life easy because you can begin editing on a desktop or mobile device. Talk about convenience! Remember, your intro videos are named this way because they introduce your brand. Though short, these clips possess the power of making a huge impact and impression on your viewers. If you want to know how to make mind-blowing intro videos that knocks your audience’s socks off, take a look at these very simple steps:

Step 1: Create a FREE Account

The first step to getting access to a free intro maker is creating your account. With, you don’t have to pay anything at all. Unlike others with hidden fees and additional charges to access an extensive library, has no strings attached. You can make intro videos without a watermark. All you have to do is sign up with your email and verify your account. En voila! You’re good to go as you gain access to an extensive music library, images, clips, etc. 

Step 2: Choose a Template

If you’re a newbie, fret not! You can make a quick intro video with the help of pre-designed templates. These cool layouts act as a blueprint that guides you. Whether you want a subtle clip or a vibrant one, your intro maker can weave magic and make it happen for you. Just peruse the different themes and pick the choice that suits your brand. Easy peasy! 

Step 3: Customize and Make It Your Own

Unlike other tools that have a distracting watermark, you can make your video entirely yours. You can add your company logo and use your signature colors. You can also add your company details and choose fonts, sizes, overlays, and more. Even those that don’t have experience can make videos in a few minutes because you just need to drag and drop your chosen embellishments where you deem fit. With a tool like an intro maker, you can easily finish the complex task of editing videos. 

Step 4: Use Various Media and Add Layers

With a digital maker like, you can access an extensive library, allowing you to personalize your work with ease. You also have the option of uploading your own clips. You can edit images, video clips, and music with this intro maker and then add them as layers. Moreover, you have access to the following:

  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Getty Images
  • Shutter shock images 
  • Other stock images
  • Free video clips
  • Cool effects
  • Funky copy-right free music tracks

Step 5: Preview, Edit, and Share

Finally, you can preview your video and spot check for any mistakes. As this intro video represents your brand, you want to make sure it’s free from errors. You can also check to see if the images and clips resonate with your brand’s values. Take note of the following:

  • Spot misspelled words
  • Check for smooth transitions
  • See if the images/clips work well with the music
  • Take note of the overall quality
  • Make sure all your info is displayed properly

If you’re happy with the final output, you can save this in high-resolution. Hence, you can readily use it for all the videos you upload to your channel for continuity. With this tool at your disposal, you can feel proud to share your work with the world and enjoy unabashed attention from your followers and other viewers. What’s not to love?

Reasons For Using an Intro Video

Whether it’s for Youtube, landing page, or other social media profiles, you need an intro video to showcase your brand. Customize it with cool graphics, effects, and music with the help of an intro maker. Make an intro video that entices your viewers to stay and keep their eyes peeled onto your screen. Noteworthy, your intro video reflects your brand’s unique personality. So go ahead and show them what you’ve got. 

Remember, if you want your brand to resonate with clients, you need an amazing intro clip without any watermarks. With a free tool like, you can personalize your intros to let your brand values shine. It has everything you need for making seamless videos in one simple but comprehensive platform.

Hence, you need to use this tool to help build a rapport with your leads and prospects. It will also allow you to nurture your relationship with existing ones. With a tool that allows you to create intros without watermarks, you can make a great impression on your audience. As such, they’ll be more inclined to share your content, which expands your brand’s reach.  

Start Working With a Free Digital Solution

With a free intro video maker like, you will have a distinct edge over your competitors. You also save your money, energy, and time so that you can focus your resources on developing more exciting content. The right help matters because it can make or break you. Choose a free digital tool that doesn’t have watermarks so you can craft professional and polished intro videos that command attention.