3 Significantly Useful GogoPDF Tools

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GogoPDF is a software that you can use for PDFs. They offer multiple tools that will help you if you need to unlock, convert, merge, compress, split, and repair your PDF files. It is solely based on the web, so accessing the site is very easy, and so using their vast array of tools is always on the go. Also, they offer their services or tools for free, so you will not have to spend a single penny to fix your PDF.

The software is accessible to many platforms like MAC, Windows, Linux, etc., or use browsers like Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, and many more, so if you use GogoPDF, you will not have a problem since all these major platforms are compatible with it. You do not have to download the software to your computer or any device since it can be accessed online, anywhere you are. Here are a few GogoPDF features that are significantly useful for your day to day handling of PDF:

Unlock PDF

Setting up a password for valuable accounts or files is very important to save you from unauthorized individuals accessing it. It is always the best decision to encrypt a password onto a PDF file, mostly if it contains valuable information that you or a trusted one should only access. But sometimes, it can be a little risky. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget our password, especially when we have too many accounts or PDF files with strong password characteristics.

Whenever you forgot the password of a PDF file, or you received from a colleague a PDF containing a password yet you don’t know its access code, do not hastily panic. The Unlock PDF feature of GogoPDF is always available to help you. The system will unlock PDF file without the need to know the password and will also remove them. The tool will also transform your files into a readable and editable type.

It is an easy process that will only take a few minutes and a few clicks. All you have to do is upload your  PDF file to the site, and they will open it and remove the password. If you want to have or if you need the file’s copy, you can always download them and save them to your computer.

Convert PDF

Converting a file is essential if you need a different file format for your data. If you need a more accurate graph, you can use Excel. If you want to show more of your data with a good layout or even add a sound effect, you can use Powerpoint and so on. You can convert your PDF to formats like Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, etc., or from all the formats into a PDF. All is possible with GogoPDF’s convert tool.

Using this tool will help you quickly convert your files, especially if you are in a hurry. Anytime you wish to use their service, you promptly search them through the web, and they will gladly help you. The benefit of using the convert PDF tool is that you do not have to type down all the information from the original file to achieve the format you desire. Besides the tiring feeling that you may experience, it is also time-consuming to start afresh.

If you already have a file, go to GogoPDF, upload your file in their conversion box, which is widely visible when you open the site, perform the instructions, and wait for a little while when the process starts. After the system completes the process, you can now have your new converted file ready to download, save, and share.

Merge PDF

If you face the problem of having too many files on your device and you don’t know what to do about all of them. You have a great option to merge all of them into one PDF file. With that, you will have a more organized and clean computer or device, and not just that, you will have more storage space for more of your files. Also, it will free your computer from future damages like a slowing down of its system software.

To achieve the merging of multiple files into one PDF, you need a tool that indeed combines your files, and that’s with the Merge PDF tool. They will merge all your files quickly. No matter how many files you combine into one, it will not compromise all the files’ quality; no data or words will displace from all of the original files.


If you want to have a trusted software for your essential PDF files, this one is for you. They carefully handle all the users’ files to ensure that they are safe with them. You should never worry if you use GogoPDF because it is safe and reliable since they take in utmost seriousness their customer privacy. Now check and try GogoPDF, and it will change your life.