Increase Your App Downloads: App Store Optimization Tips

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In today’s competitive market, virtual presence and its optimization to boost your position is a dire need. Not only can it make an app successful compared to all of its contemporaries, but it also helps build domain authority on the app store. 

Thus, one must employ App Store Optimization to gain the best out of the reach and visibility that an app store may provide. The term may be new for amateur app developers or enterprises launching an infant app. 

However, the customization ASO offers is unparalleled when it comes to app store rankings or chart list boosters. Before entering into the domain of ASO, one must be aware of all the tips and tricks needed for better and improved app marketing strategy. Working on your involvement with the optimization options provides a considerable boost in the app store rankings. To make the best use of these mobile app marketing strategies, you must keep the pointers given below in mind.

Understand Your Audience And Competition 

The App Store is entirely a need and service-based market that relies solely on its usage by its consumers. Knowing your audience well and keeping an eye on the competition around thus becomes a mandatory step. You must know what your customers seek, how they use the app and the reason for downloading it over any other app. Using this information, you can improve the productivity of your app and target the right consumer demographic.

Choose An Appropriate App Name

Branding is perhaps the first step to ASO. For a better, more assorted visibility of your app, it is advised to use an apt name fitting the functionality and domain of the app. If possible, you must let the app’s name describe the function using the keywords. The title keyword boosts your position when it comes to app store search results by a larger margin.

Keyword Optimization Is A Must

Different app stores pay heed to different sets of keywords in the description at once. So, a wise App Store Optimization policy would include carefully chosen keywords. These keywords can be embedded cautiously to boost your ratings on the search chart while not making your descriptions sound a bit too redundant.

Give A Fitting Description

By extension of strategically embedded keywords, it becomes apparent that optimization will also include the use of clear descriptions. The app’s designated report should be direct, crisp, informative and convincing to the target customer bases. Potential customers must see it as a call-to-action. In fact, a mobile app marketing strategy should be employed so that your description gives a short detour of your apps’ content to the potential user.

Provide A Unique And Catchy Icon

Choosing an icon may not have a direct impact on improving your position in the chart. However, a right icon who speaks to the ton works as your first impression, which certainly counts. The image should be clear and easy on the eyes. Bright imagery, better resolution etc. are some mandatory things to cover in this arena. Ensure that your icon design fits the scale of the app store designated. It is quite crucial because different app stores, be it Google Play, iOS etc. have a different dimension fixed for the icon display. Thus, you have to be extra particular about what you want your users to see. 

Add Screenshots And Videos

Irrespective of all the descriptive contents writer, you must aid your potential users with the screenshots and explanatory videos. The visual aid provided often helps better to those who don’t share a keenness towards technology. Plus, the biggest consumer benefits of adding these videos and screenshots is to show the new user what your app has in its store. Commonly, app developers mix and edit these pictures and videos into a compilation, making it quirky and informative.

Employ A Trendy Promotional Strategy

After doing all your needed work, the last step is to devise a roadmap for promotions. Promotions must be done to make your presence felt all over the virtual platforms. Don’t rely on app stores only to suggest your app. With blessings like social media promoting your app over several different platforms won’t be that difficult. Prepare an SEO based plan, customize your presence and diver the right amount of traffic towards yourself by creating the buzz.

Regular Upgrades

To keep your app in coherence with the ever-changing virtual world, try and be up to date all the time. Customers seek apps that keep on improving with timely upgradations and changes. You can note all the feedback and come up with the right set of features prompting all old and new users to buy the upgraded app.


The optimization algorithms of these apps too are like any other SEO strategy. All they need is your personal attention to the details as well as the need of the users. You can also take help from a leading & reputed name like Techmagnate.