How VPN Secures Your Online Activities On Android? Want to Know

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Why do you think high officials travel in a bulletproof SUV? Or carrbest VPN for Netflixy loaded weapons for self-defense? It’s quite clear as it is not a riddle; everything is for protection. But that’s a physical threat. The Digital World in today’s era faces the same risk of threats. A threat is a threat, whether someone did it on your face, or over the medium of a social media app.

While browsing or working online, you get hands-on experience with multiple threats without you knowing about them, just waiting for you to fall into their deception. We have become so habitual that before asking for the menu card, we ask for the WiFi password. Unintentionally we invite hackers to access our credentials and blamed WiFi hotspots.

iOS is built with strong encryption which stands robust to hacks. Sadly, the Android software is weak against cyber threats. Does that mean we all should switch from Android to iOS? It’s a major bummer to use Android, but it doesn’t mean we stop surfing online. That’ll be a suicide going back to the barbarian era. What you need is a Digital Kevlar; VPN.

Why a VPN? Let’s find out

Bypass Blocked Websites

Many of us face the hardship of watching Netflix original series outside the US, and there are dozens of channels and licensed events that are blocked outside the US making them restricted due to Geo-location. The best VPN for Netflix however, will grant you instant access to all the banned and restricted content in your region by switching your IP address to that of the respected Country that you want you to unblock in a matter of seconds.

Take China, the firewall and encryption are so strong that you cannot access websites like Facebook, Gmail, Google, Instagram, making your business trip a living hell. Any product coming under the umbrella of Google is practically blocked.

It’s hard to bypass these restrictions but not impossible. VPN permits you to access these websites in a matter of a few clicks and your IP address will be switched to your base country.

Be Carefree When Using Public WiFi

Who doesn’t love a free Wi-Fi? It’s a blessing in a digital age. Public WiFis may seem to be a savior, but it can change your life in a blink. Few minutes pleasure could quickly turn into a nightmare. It is as if you hide your House key under the doormat while your neighbor is looking.

To counter that a VPN is a must on your Android device. Having a VPN will let you have military grade encryption, just as in the iOS devices with encryption levels up to 256 bit AES. Follow three necessary installation steps and voila. You’ll be anonymous and secure online.

Online Anonymity

Surfing online and watching those restricted websites and files which you aren’t meant to can lead to significant issues. There’s a chance your activities could be monitored by the government, and you’ll become a high target of surveillance. That’s the reason a VPN is essential to restrict those agencies. How?

By connecting the VPN your real IP address changes with an IP address of your choice of a VPN server, you are connected to. For example, the US. If you chose a US server, then your IP address will show in the US and your real IP address will be masked. By doing that your online activities and traffic will go through the US chosen server and IP address allowing you to stay anonymous in the digital world.

Block Ads and Tracker Blocking

Most VPN services have an inbuilt feature with software that blocks ads and malicious malware. Numerous browsers can facilitate ad-blocking possibilities, but the installation and configuration and setting process are chaotic which requires much of your time and patience. Same happens with Android devices.

With the control in your hand of the ad-blocks built inside the VPN, you will be able to control what ads to see and what to restrict. Most importantly Google will show less targeted ads based on your preference. The blocking of ads occurs on a significant DNS level, but thank God the VPN does that automatically for you.


Android being the favorite operating system, it has the market share bigger than all iOS gadgets combined, since it offers more to the Smartphone experience.

But it also serves the greater online threats to its users. No worries, that’s the reason VPN came into being, and one should opt it for your daily usage. Do you forget to have your breakfast? No right? Don’t forget to use a VPN on your Android device.