Top 10 Advantages of CRM integration For Landing Pages

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Businesses can be classified into two types – product-based and service-based. Irrespective of the type, a business can only flourish if it is customer-centric. To satisfy the requirements of customers there should be a complete understanding. For that to happen an effective data analysis should be facilitated. This helps immensely in achieving the exact requirements of the customers. It is nothing but a herculean task to maintain the records of the customers, to have seamless communication, and to track the sales and distribution. This is where Customer Resource Management comes into play.  In simple terms the is software with the capabilities to handle various customer related activities such as database management, marketing, measuring growth, analysing the performance and so on. 

Since most of the business is going online it is no wonder that a number of marketing tools are being deployed in the market. One of such potential tools which can get a huge number of prospects, when used properly – is landing pages. Landing pages, in short, are just an impressive web page containing crucial information about the service or product. There are plenty of software and platforms to create effective landing pages. One of the most powerful of them is Instapage. Apart from its features such as high customizability it recently joined hands with Google to bring AMP to landing pages. It also raised around $15 million to makes landing pages more powerful. It is no doubt that integrating CRM with great landing pages such as Instapage will result in fruitful results. Users who have no technical knowledge of programming can use Instapage with ease. Also, templates are available which can be used if the user does not want to spend time and resource on designing.

CRM and Instapage

Online marketing is incomplete without landing page. If one is handling too many clients or too many landing pages then automating it is the best way. In general, any effective online marketing campaign uses a number of landing pages, each with a different strategy. For instance, an email landing page will not work out as a Facebook landing page. Therefore, it is mandatory to create and maintain landing pages based on the intended purpose.

Why Connect Instapage to CRM through Zapier?

Zapier is one of the most popular tools that connects two apps and once set, it automates the process every time the action is done. For example, by connecting Facebook Instapage contacts with CRM will automatically add the contacts details in CRM software which is submitted by the customer on Instapage. Then this contact detail information can be used for analysing the target customers, to check the reach of the post and so on. This information can be used to build a strategy based on factual data instead of assumptions.

Integrating Instapage and CRM using Zapier will take less than five minutes. Open Zapier, if you don’t have an account it can be created easily using Gmail. Select any one of the CRM software which you are using by typing its name on the search bar. For example, consider Agile CRM which is best of its kind as it provides exclusive information such as the time information of when someone opened their email, checked the website and even when they have clicked the link. Buddyboss coupon code #1 open source platform, giving you the flexibility, control and freedom you need, to create a successful online platform.

Once you select the supported CRM software in Zapier, it shows the list of the commonly used existing function. To create an automated function, admins have to create a ZAP. A Zap is just a term for creating an automation process connecting two platforms. In our case, a zap CRM and email can be linked.

Top 10 CRM Advantages with CRM

1. Clutter-free effective data management

The primary use of CRM is to maintain a clutter-free database of the customers. This includes contacts, inventory, sales, estimations and so on. This eliminates the need to switch between tabs or between applications. Also, one on one interaction with the customer is possible in most CRM which increases the customer satisfaction and decreases the chance of missing out messages and calls. CRM is technically fusion of almost all the crucial applications related to customer management since the features are interlinked the operations are carried out automatically.

2. Real marketing

Marketing in the digital medium can be a tedious task. Especially if it involves various mediums and several social media networks. Tracking the success of these platforms can take a lot of time and could be prone to errors without a CRM. With intelligent analysing algorithms and effective report generation, it is possible to measure the exact success of numerous marketing campaigns.

3. Fewer resources and more work

CRM helps you save a ton of work and less workforce is required to get the job done. Since most of the CRMs are equipped with forecasting, inbuilt metrics, automated tasks almost all the requirements can be get done within few clicks in minutes. The time consumed to perform the analysis and to perform the actions is relatively very small when compared to the conventional process. It also serves as a great platform to carry out extensive marketing activities with comparatively fewer costs.

4. Better analysis and understanding

Marketing could fail if there is no feedback and analysis. CRM help to research on a marketing campaign carried on multiple platforms at the same time. Targeted marketing is the most successful forms of marketing and CRM helps you to achieve that. For example, using sophisticated CRM tools it is possible to offer special discounts to already existing customers.

5. Mobile compatibility

All leading CRM applications offer mobile support and this helps admins to track and maintain the activities on the go. It allows the users to carry out significant actions using the mobile applications. Needless to say, the mobile version of the software is available on both Android and iOS smartphones.

6. Easy task management

One result of handing too many tasks simultaneously is the missing is missing out some of them. A lot of operations can be done concurrently or asynchronously. Customers can be reached on their phone number within the app and can be informed about the details of the campaign using the information displayed on the screen. If the customer makes gives a feedback it can be quickly noted down inside the app to finish it later. In addition to that, the workflow and the path to perform tasks one after the other can be laid out using CRMs.

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7. Customer Retention

Most business can’t survive if the customers are not retained. CRM helps to share the growth of the business and help customers realise the progress of the process. It also creates transparency between clients and companies thereby ensuring more trust and accountability.

8. One stop screen for all important works

Dashboards provide all the details of the prime tasks including the warnings about specific tasks which required immediate action. All the important actions and decisions can be taken from the home screen. To illustrate consider you are monitoring the comments of the customers on a social network or replying a mail and parallelly if a customer calls, you can pick the call right away from the dashboard and can continue the task later.

9. Increased sales

There are multiple goals for marketing and one of the primary goals is to make more sales. Converting people into prospects is the most difficult job in any business and with CRM it doesn’t have to be that difficult. By precise tracking and monitoring of the activities of the business and by calculating the response to the specific action can help in channelling and driving more sales.

10. Inventory management

A business which involve inventories often finds it hard to manage them. It is a strenuous task to update the fluctuation in the pricing of the products if one has numerous customers. With CRM in action, business have to enter the fluctuation once and it will get updated in all the customers’ accounts. Managing the different sales quotes based on the customer is possible without undergoing nerve breaking effort. Tacking orders and dispatch can be done in the same application. Generating invoices of various types can be done using CRM.