Magento Website Layouts that Convert

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Do you want to increase the number of conversions from your Magento landing page? If that’s the case, you’ve arrived at the perfect spot. Despite the fact that creating a high-converting landing page is critical for increasing ecommerce sales, most companies only conduct five or fewer landing page tests each month. Only 1.84 percent of online sales are converted.

If you want to increase income from your online shop, make sure you’re following best practices for landing page design and split-testing several landing page variants until you discover the one that converts the best. Let’s take a look at seven pointers to assist you create a high-converting Magento landing page and increase sales from your current visitors.

Ensure consistency at all times 

In terms of the general messaging and appearance, make sure your landing page is consistent with your brand and website. Your landing page content should represent your brand’s informal and quirky tone of voice. Colors are the same way; choose a colour scheme for your brand and stick to it.

If you’re using paid advertising to drive visitors to your landing page, consistency is even more essential. If that’s the case, make sure your landing page matches your ad. Whatever promise you make in the ad must be fulfilled on your landing page. If you indicate that customers may get a particular discount on their purchase, the landing page should reflect that.

Guide your visitors in the right direction 

You’d be shocked how many visitors arrive on your website and then leave because they don’t know what to do next. Directional signals may assist in this situation. Visitors may use directional cues to assist them locate your CTA by indicating which section of your landing page they should be looking at. This is particularly true for landing pages with lengthier text.

Pointers, arrows, shapes, pictures, and animations are just some of the many kinds of directional cues that may be used. To guarantee that visitors know where to look, use a mix of explicit (arrows) and implicit (a picture of a person gazing in the correct direction) signals on your landing page.

Create a sense of urgency 

Using a feeling of urgency to encourage visitors to make a purchase as quickly as possible is a fantastic approach to boost conversions on your landing page.

You may generate urgency in a variety of ways:

  • Make use of a one-time promotion and discount.
  • Consider adding a countdown timer or a countdown clock.
  • Show how many items you have on hand right now.

All of these efforts contribute to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), which improves the likelihood of consumers converting on their first visit. While generating a sense of urgency may help your landing page convert better, it’s essential to keep in mind that it has to be real. Faking urgency may backfire and cause consumers to lose faith in you.

Get the most out of pop-ups 

When a visitor tries to leave a website, an exit-intent dialogue appears. Popups like this are less obtrusive than ones that appear when someone views a page. On the website of Busted Tees, an example of an exit-intent popup can be seen.

Exit-intent popups provide a second opportunity to convert a customer. If you know that a certain proportion of visitors to your landing page would buy your product if you could give them a better price, you can use the exit-intent popup to offer them a discount and improve your chances of generating a sale.

When utilizing exit-intent popups, keep in mind to always gather email addresses. Even if they don’t buy right away, you’ll be able to remarket to them.

Create confidence 

A lack of trust is the reason for 17% of online transactions being cancelled. If you want your landing page to convert effectively, you’ll need to figure out a method to rapidly establish trust and make customers feel at ease about buying from you.

Using trust signals across your landing page is a simple method to do this. Customer proof is one of the best methods available for you to develop confidence. Demonstrate to potential buyers that you have a large number of happy consumers. On your landing page, include testimonials, reviews, or counters for social media shares and likes.

Have different color combinations 

Contrasting colors are used on the majority of high-converting landing pages to draw attention to the call to action. If a significant proportion of your visitors are mobile users, using contrasting colors is particularly essential. Smartphones are used everywhere, even outdoors, where natural light makes it difficult to distinguish between various components of a web page.

Using contrasting colors for the backdrop and other key components of your landing page (such as the CTA) makes it simpler to catch consumers’ attention and improves the likelihood of them doing your desired action.

Optimize the Magento landing pages for search engines 

While you’re most likely creating a landing page to generate sponsored traffic, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of organic visitors finding your page via search engines like Google. You should not overlook organic traffic since it is very important and converts extremely well. You should optimise your landing page for search engines to increase the quantity of organic traffic it may produce.

The title of your page, its meta description, and its URL should all be considered when trying to enhance the SEO of your landing page. Use empty words and conjunctions sparingly to make your URL search engine friendly. This will make it more appealing to visitors’ eyes, increasing the likelihood that consumers will visit your page rather than your competitor’s. You’ll be well on your way to creating high-converting landing pages if you follow these recommendations.Adhere to these tips and create your Magento landing pages. Then you can get maximum returns out of them.