What Is Smartwatch and How It Can Be Beneficial?

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Technology is everywhere and we are relying on it to do many tasks in our lives. Doesn’t matter whether it is an office, home, or any industry, technology has spread its wings over everything. There is also no doubt that it has made lives easier and delivered what it promises to do. 

If we talk on the personal front, for individuals as well technology is on the roll. New gadgets are being introduced into the market with some amazing features that no one would have thought of. We are here to talk about one such gadget which is not relatively new but yes, still in its early stages. The gadget we are talking about is the smartwatch. You must have heard about it and thought of getting one if not yet purchased. So, if this is the case, let us dive deep to know more about this cool gadget. 

What is a Smartwatch?

Gone are those days when a watch was only for showing time & day. Times are now changed and have evolved to a whole new level. Where everything is becoming smart like smartphones and smart televisions, watches have also become smart. It won’t be wrong to consider them as mini phones. 

A smartwatch is an advanced gadget that is designed to perform many functions with its touchscreen interface. It can count your heartbeat, count steps, measure the distance travelled, calories burnt, track sleep pattern, and much more. Smartwatch can be connected to your smartphone and you can perform several of your phone’s functions via this connected watch.

It can be connected to the internet and supports many applications. Via smartwatch, you can answer calls, read & send text messages, control music, see social media notifications, emails, and a lot more. For a smartwatch to function, you need to connect it to the smartphone. There have been numerous models and brands of smartwatches available in the market that it becomes really difficult to choose which one to purchase. 

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Let us see some of the advantages of smartwatches that they deliver.


  • Keep your health on track

Having many fitness functions in a smartwatch makes it a must-have for fitness freaks. You can wear it while doing physical exercise and track fitness level by looking at calories burnt, heartbeat rate, distance travelled, duration, etc. Besides, they are also designed having a function to monitor your blood pressure, which is a big plus to keep track of your physical health. Use it, and you’ll experience a lot more. 

  • Let your phone stay in

By connecting the smartwatch to your smartphone, you can see all the important notifications directly on the screen of your watch and respond to the key ones. This is highly beneficial especially when you are in a crowded place or a meeting. It also gives the flexibility to make or cut calls, send text messages, and control the music without taking the phone out of your pocket. This means, with a smartwatch you’ve got the power to manage phone’s activity while keeping hands free. 

  • No chance to miss a call

There might be chances that while at home or office your phone is not in your pocket always, but a watch will always be on your wrist. And if it is a smartwatch, you can see any calls or messages coming on the phone right on the watch’s screen. Answer them right there if important else just leave. For people to whom calls are important to their business, the smartwatch is a boon. 

  • Customized faces

This is another feature to admire in a smartwatch. Many models of such watches have a function where you can select the home screen according to the choice. There are numerous preloaded faces to choose from. The user can also select between digital and analogue types. Just match the face with your attire and go stylish.

  • Light in weight

Despite delivering power-packed performance, smartwatches are very light in weight hence you can easily carry it on the wrist all day long. It is another positive of this great invention. 

  • Never lose your phone

Many times, it happens that we keep our phone somewhere and forget. But if you have a smartwatch, this is not at all an issue. With its ‘find my phone function’, you can ring your smartphone even when it is in the silent mode. 

  • Pay without contact 

Several latest models are NFC enabled and they assist users with contactless payments. Many payment systems like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Android Pay are supported. This gives you an edge over conventional payment methods. 

  • Fall detection

This is more of an advanced feature that is not available in all smartwatch models. With the help of a gyroscope & accelerometer, several smartwatches can detect the fall. Plus, if it detects that are you are unresponsive after the fall, it can automatically notify about your situations to the emergency contacts. 

  • Track your route

It might be a normal but key benefit of using a smartwatch. If you are marching on to an unknown route using a GPS, you don’t have to keep the phone in hand. Just turn on the GPS on your watch and be on the right path keeping your hands completely free. 

The Final Say

It doesn’t matter which technology you are using if you are using it in the right way it’ll help you a lot. Similar is the case with smartwatches, they are designed to make our lives easy and it is on us how we utilize this technology. Some think it a waste of money while some find it really cool & useful. It all depends upon our perceptions.

For us, it is a boon for people who are very busy in their work and are always on the go. Smartwatches always keep them on the track and never let them miss any important call, message, or email notification. So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy one that suits you the best.