Some Surprising Health Benefits of Martial Arts

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Martial arts not only help you defend and protect yourself, but it has also a number of health and fitness benefits for the people of all ages, not the least of which are physical, mental, and spiritual in nature. Martial arts can give your body the best shape of your life very quickly. It is one of the most effective workouts available for fitness. Practitioners widely accept that martial arts have a myriad number of health properties and will tell you that by training martial arts, they have never felt better in their entire lives. In this day and age, where obesity and heart disease run rampant, everyone needs to lead a healthy lifestyle by keeping his body fit and smart. There are several types of martial arts, including karate, Tae kwon do, judo, kungfu, BJJ, etc.

Let’s check out some of the health-related benefits of Martial Arts,

Cardiovascular Health:

Cardiovascular health is very important for it is linked with heart health. You can improve your cardio health with some intense workout like martial arts, you just need to get yourself some good quality GI and join some martial arts class. During martial arts training, drills and other vigorous physical activities will surely help ramp up your heart rate, strengthening your cardiovascular endurance. 

Muscle Tone:

Those who practice martial arts, have very strong and have more muscle mass. This is because punching, kicking with the full-throttle is a great way to exercise and tone the muscles in your arms and legs. It just tones your whole body. Muscle toning is also directly connected with your metabolism, more muscle mass means higher metabolic demands which in turn burn more calories and keep you fit and smart.

Weight Loss:

Obesity is rapidly increasing due to unhealthy eating and a life void of exercise. Doing moderate martial arts for an hour will burn up to 500 calories. All the physical activities involved in martial arts are very intense and will surely help you burn your calories faster. Metabolism is improved with your effort to improve muscle mass, which in turn contributes to weight loss. Martial arts could be considered the most complete and effective form of exercise if you are doing it regularly. It can not only teach you self-defense but tone up your body and keep you healthy and smart.

Flexibility and agility:

Flexibility and agility are very important in all sports and martial arts is no exception. It will allow you to perform dodging attacks and throw your kicks very higher along with saving you from many injuries. When you do martial arts your muscles get strengthened and your body becomes more flexible and agile. With a flexible body, you can run faster, jump higher, and lift heavier objects. Many renowned sports stars do martial arts training for it helps them in their actual work.

Improves Reflexes:

Practicing martial arts not only refine your reflexes but improves your reaction time as well. When you practice each move thousands of times, your reflexes improve without your notice. It can help in all the physical activities you get yourself involved in. Quick reactions are very important when you are in the ring facing your opponent in any martial arts competition.

Mental Health:

It is evidently proved that exercise can improve the mental and emotional health of a person.  Martial arts which are an ultimate form of exercise always help in releasing your tension and stress and help you to focus on the actual task you are doing. Physical activities also play their role in releasing endorphins which keeps you happy. It also improves the self-confidence and esteem in those who are doing martial arts regularly. Researchers are sure that regular exercise is very essential in keeping you in a good mood.