Value of Exercise for Senior Adults

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It is widely believed and proved many a time that exercise and physical activity are good for health and fitness and you should leave no stone unturned in doing workout regularly. Health benefits associated with exercise becomes even more vital when you age. Many studies suggest that senior citizens should remain as active as possible for it will help them live a longer and healthier life. Strength, stamina, and flexibility can be improved, in not only young but in old adults too, with the help of regular exercise. Physical fitness could be achieved even in the 70s and 80s if you desire to achieve. All the experts around the globe have a unanimous belief that if you can move a muscle you should, it will improve your health and wellbeing.

Here we will highlight some undeniable benefits of healthy workouts for the senior people,

Live longer:

There is a great likeliness that if you spend a sedentary lifestyle, you will day a few years earlier. Regular exercise even of less intensity will help you live longer. It is especially important for older citizens who fall under the attack many diseases from all four sides. With regular workouts, you will not only live longer but live a healthy life and physically fit life too. The choice is yours to make whether to go for physical activity or continue living a sedentary life.  

Helps You Maintain Healthy weight:

Regular workouts are essential for losing and controlling your weight. You need to torch the maximum amount of calories that you intake through different sources if you don’t want yourself to get obese. Old citizens become obese because of their less or no physical activities. To avoid this they should manage their calories through exercise and nutrition.  

Prevents or Delay in Some Chronic Diseases:

Exercise is a great way to save yourself from many life-threatening diseases like heart attack, diabetes, obesity, certain types of cancers, and some less harmful diseases like osteoporosis. Regular exercise improves your immune and digestive system, controls your blood pressure and sugar level. Walking produces insulin and your sugar remains at a normal level. The immune system of seniors becomes weak and even slight change in the environment makes them unwell, besides this, all the aforementioned diseases are more likely to occur in older age, so, regular exercise is the ultimate and only solution for the elders.

Improves Your Strength:

Exercise enhances the body strength and the old adults will be able to do their tasks independently. Most of the senior citizens become dependent on many things on their family members which can be avoided if you are doing your workout regularly. You might not have to do tough activities in the beginning, instead, you can start with the easy ones and gradually increase the intensity.  

Enhances Your Mobility, Flexibility, and improves your balance:

When people get old, they become weak and there is a great chance of fall which can lead to injuries like a hip fracture, leg fracture, arm fracture, or any other broken bone. In this part of life recovering from injuries and fractures is an acid test, so, it is far better to avoid any kind of injury in old age otherwise you will not remain independent for anything. Regular exercise is essential for improving muscle strength, flexibility, posture, and balance which will save you from falls, and as a result, many injuries will be avoided.

Improves sleep:

In the later part of life, many people face difficulty in having a sound sleep. Quality sleep has a great role in your overall health and wellness. Regular workout will make you tire and you will have a deep peaceful sleep of whole night and when you will wake up, you will feel more energized and relax.

Improves your mood and fight off depression:

Many studies show that exercise is a mood booster. If you are feeling stressed out or depressed do some physical activity, you will feel relaxed. When doing exercise, in some good quality workout tank top, you are actually pushing yourself to do better which results in the release of endorphins, which in turn give you the feeling of soothing. Besides improving your mood, with regular exercise, your body will start coming to shape and it will enhance your confidence level too.